Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Let us take accounting and bookkeeping off your plate so you can refocus on what is most important- growing your business. Our expert accounting and bookkeeping services remove the day-to-day challenges involved in managing, recording, and completing your accounting tasks while still providing you the reports you need to make informed financial decisions.
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Outsourced bookkeeping takes time-consuming tasks off your plate
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Improved predictability allowing for decisions backed by data, not gut feelings
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Informed reporting shows you all you need to know at a glance

Your finances fuel your business, but monopolize your time - Let us take on the busy work and deliver the reports you need to handle the rest

Finances are too important not to keep in order. Understanding your profitability is essential in mapping your path to success but is a bear to consistently measure and calculate. Our expert finance consultants will not only take on your busy work, but help you interpret your numbers so you can make informed decisions baked by data
  • Remove the Guesswork Surrounding Your Finances  
  • Ensure Your Accounts Are Accurate & Up to Date 
  • Pay Your Employees on Time, Every Time 
  • Accurate and Reconciled Service & Agreement Invoicing  
  • Improve Cost Predictability to Maximizing Your Profitability 
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Strategic Information Group

Strategic Information Group (Strategic) helps companies achieve their corporate goals with the application of enterprise technology. We specialize in providing proven solutions for a full range of enterprise applications including ERP, CRM, and Quality Management. Strategic works with start-ups, multinationals, and market leaders to implement their systems on time and on budget, helping them maximize the value of their enterprise technology.

  • Improved client satisfaction 
  • Accurate revenue reporting
  • Saved time and money
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Finance Operations | Done For You Services

  • Invoice Processing: We generate invoices from your ConnectWise service and product agreements, send them to your clients, and follow up on any inquiries or overdue notices
  • Accounts Payable: Never miss a bill again, we make certain everything is paid on time and in full
  • Accounts Receivable: Ensure your hard work is paying off, we track all incoming payments against invoice totals and due dates and follow up on any discrepancies
  • Bank Reconciliations: We take a fine-toothed comb to you statements and make sure everything adds up 
  • Payroll & General Ledger: Payroll is run on time, every time, keeping your employees motivated and cared for
  • Financial Statements: We calculate your current baseline and track your progress towards your goals 

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