Five Ways IT Businesses Can Create The Ultimate Marketing & Sales Tool Stack

  • Nicole Bielanski
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    Nicole Bielanski

  • December 3, 2022
  • 3 minute read

As a technology business, you probably have the latest and greatest tools to ensure you get the largest ROI on marketing spend, right?

If you are currently shaking your head "umm no" - don't worry, you're not alone.

Over the last 10 years, marketing strategy has made a significant transition to digital. We live in "the age of information", and online publications are where buyers gravitate to learn more about companies that can help solve their problems.

With the rise of the web, mobile devices, and other technologies, digital experiences are central to the customer/brand relationship. They provide powerful ways to understand, reach, and engage your customers.

However, these powerful marketing avenues come with their own unique challenges.

To have an effective marketing strategy, you need to understand and leverage technology.

Strange enough, only about 24% of technology businesses in the Managed Services and Telecommunicatrions space have an effective digital marketing strategy.

What those technologies are and how you use them is critical to the success of your marketing strategy. Forward-thinking marketing teams meet this challenge by using Marketing Technology Stacks (martech). These are a set of powerful tools that integrate to automate your marketing process and generate qualified prospects to move through your sales pipeline. 

Let’s look at the five ways your marketing tech stack helps you generate sales and improve the customer experience during the sales process.

1. Systemization

Having the right martech stack can revolutionize your marketing and sales systems.

One of the essential parts of any marketing campaign is consistency. Your marketing and sales pipelines need to move with a predictable rhythm and cadence.

How can you ensure consistency?

Integrating your marketing applications helps keep your team scheduling out their day, week, and month can be an excellent start.

Most IT businesses tend to overthink this part, and rather than start with something simple - they attempt to take on an entire marketing strategy all at once. In a recent survey, we spoke to over 1,000 IT businesses, in which 92% reported they showed little to no result from self-implemented marketing efforts.  

Creating systemization and consistent habits can help streamline marketing efforts to make them more effective. It's less of a secret sauce or a silver bullet that makes marketing successful, and more about having the right tools and processes.

One of the best tools to acquire, implement, optimize and integrate is a content management system (CMS). A CMS is designed to create, manage, and archive web content. We absolutely love HubSpot CMS - as you can add on additional modules over time, like Sales Professional and Marketing Professional as you grow and scale.

Multiple users can create, edit, and publish content. Before choosing a CMS, evaluate your information management practices and business goals pertaining to publishing content. Make a list of business problems you need to solve and how the CMS should solve them. 

2.  Analytics

In order to track and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you need to integrate your martech stack with a tool that provides analytics and reporting. If this is built in, better still. This helps you better understand your audience by analyzing large volumes of customer data. With that information, you can more effectively target customers at different stages of their interest. Ideally, this application sends data to and from your lifecycle engagement platform to help your marketing and sales teams take effective action.

Analytics applications generally present data in customizable dashboards. Some of the most popular data categories used are:

    • Number of visits
    • New vs. returning visitor ratios
    • Geographic visitor location
    • Type of device being used
    • Most popular landing pages
    • Common exit pages and frequently visited pages
    • Which campaigns drove the most traffic or least
    • Campaign medium breakdown – email vs. social media
    • Leads, MQLs, and SQLs
    • Conversion rates

These valuable insights and analytics provide you with the tools you need to target your ideal customer and generate revenue.

3. Agility

When you integrate applications with your martech, your marketing teams can exchange marketing data and create meaningful reports and share them. With this information, the marketing team can create new marketing campaigns to increase leads and website conversions. One example of increasing agility is by integrating your CMS and CRM systems.

Your CMS provides valuable data about the customers who have interacted with the content in your marketing campaigns. This information can pass directly to your CRM, providing your sales team with leads to qualify and move through the sales pipeline. 

5. Optimization

With all your marketing technology tools working together seamlessly, you optimize your entire marketing process — every team benefits from the information, collaboration, and transparency of your complete marketing to customer experience. You can collect valuable data to help increase your marketing campaign effectiveness, funnel prospective lead information to the sales team, and document customer touchpoints to increase customer loyalty.

Work With A Professional

Sierra Pacific Group provides you with the sales and marketing tools to help you convert prospects into paying customers. Our experienced team will help you integrate the right tools to manage your IT services marketing seamlessly from prospect to conversion. Our mission is to help you optimize your business and tools to continue to grow and profit while reducing your workload.

Let us help you build authority and awareness for your technology business and foster trust and credibility with your prospective clients. Our experts will help create predictive models for lead generation, define sales processes, and hone your tactics and messaging to attract your perfect client. Contact us today and see how we can put our knowledge to work for you.

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