ConnectWise is your source of truth for client management, but what about your sales and marketing?

HubSpot is a Sales & Marketing Automation Platform gaining popularity with technology management companies, and can be an excellent compliment to your ConnectWise toolset. With a simple integration, you can leverage the automation and insight from prospective to paying client, creating a single pane of glass.

Think of it this way: On your washing machine, you have a rinse cycle.

When it comes to your Technology Service Business, HubSpot is integral to your nurturing cycle.

It fuels engagement with prospects and leads—and it has a lot of automation built in.

This automation is crucial. In fact, many technology business leaders value integration between HubSpot and ConnectWise for exactly this reason.

But how should you go about choosing the right third-party syncing tool?

We explored a number of options, and we’d like to let you in on what we learned.

First—regardless of the tool you choose—it’s important to note that you’ll need a concrete plan. And you’ll need this plan before you integrate HubSpot and ConnectWise.

Follow these simple steps to develop one:

1. Make sure you have the lead volume for integration.
2. Define your processes with as much detail as possible.
3. Define  your expectations. 

From there, once you have your volume, processes, and expectation in checks, you can determine what to automate using HubSpot features. This will allow you to get the most out of each integration process—and to decide on the best syncing tool for your MSP.

Zapier for Your Syncing Needs 

Zapier is a great platform for developers who know what exactly they want to map. However, it does have certain limitations. There’s minimal guidance on Zapier, and the syncing is all self-implemented.

The platform:

• Includes self-managed mappings.
• Is somewhat difficult to manage and configure.
• Does not sync opportunities or deals.
• Works off of built-in triggers.

Though it’s definitely a viable option, companies that deal extensively with opportunities may prefer to use another tool. This is in large part because with Zapier, there’s no support team available. There’s no easy way to build out a custom solution.

Here’s the thing, though: Everyone has to start somewhere. And while it isn’t the most productive option for MSPs, we think Zapier is a solid place to start.

PieSync for Your Syncing Needs

Is PieSync a decent alternative to Zapier? We certainly think so. This platform integrates directly into HubSpot. It only syncs contacts and companies (not deals or opportunities), but there’s a full range of features available.

(We’ve also heard through the grapevine that PieSync is working on custom sync and opportunity development. Be sure to stay tuned for updates!)

At this time, the platform:

• Syncs companies (but not addresses).
• Syncs contacts (but not custom fields or company names).
• Only syncs one way from ConnectWise to HubSpot.
• Works off of built-in triggers.

Please keep in mind that PieSync does offer some support, but with limited guidance on implementation. Regardless, we found it useful.

If you’re interested in learning more, watch this helpful video for a detailed syncing overview. for Your Syncing Needs

Interested in a tool developed specifically for HubSpot and ConnectWise integration?

We were too. This, in our view, is the comprehensive solution we’ve all been waiting for. provides the instant syncing of companies, contacts, and custom fields.

The platform:

• Syncs companies, contacts, and deals.
• Handles custom fields.
• Creates custom triggers.
• Syncs two ways (from ConnectWise to HubSpot and vice versa). fully consults the client through everything, taking a full-service approach at every step. An added bonus: They work for all businesses, and not just Technology Service Providers. From where we’re standing, it’s a win-win.

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