5 Ways to Optimize IT Sales Team for Maximum Growth

  • Cassie Kerr
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    Cassie Kerr

    Ms. Kerr has experience along every rung of the MSP ladder, having begun her IT career six years ago as a temp at an MSP help desk. From there, she quickly worked her way into operations and management roles, culminating with her previous position as the Operations Manager for a well known technology company.
  • December 3, 2022
  • 5 minute read

If you are in the IT managed services business, then you might want to think about optimizing your sales team.

Why? Because an optimized sales team will help generate more revenue for your company. In this blog post, we will discuss 14 ways that can help optimize your sales team and increase growth.

How IT Sales Teams are Different from Other Sales-1

How IT Sales Teams are Different from Other Sales

There are some major differences between the sales teams in other industries and those of IT. For instance, many companies have their customized software to help run their businesses, requiring a specific type of knowledge that only an IT professional possesses. These individuals know how this system operates more than anyone else. They often use it every day, so they know exactly what to do and how they can get it done more efficiently.

Another big difference is that most software companies have a product of their own which requires them to provide ongoing support for their users. This means that the sales team will likely be engaged in maintaining existing accounts while trying to sell new products at the same time. So you can see why salespeople in the IT world need to be extremely efficient.

How Can You Optimize Your Team?

How Can You Optimize Your Team?

You can start by following some of these tips:

Hire more experienced professionals

While this is not always possible, it will definitely help if you have a well-trained veteran sales team member. They know how your system works and exactly what they need to do to help you grow. Also, you want to hire people with the right personality traits for this work.

Many individuals who are interested in becoming an IT salesperson will be driven by various factors such as money, fame, or success rates. While these can definitely motivate a person, they may not make them qualified for this particular job. You want to hire individuals who are driven by achieving success and bringing value, so they will know exactly what needs to be done for the sales team as a whole to succeed.

Be clear about your expectations from your sales team

It would help if you had everyone on the same page when it comes to making decisions that impact growth- this way. No one can argue or disagree with you. 

Make sure that every sales team member knows exactly how important each role is for them and their ability to move up in terms of responsibility based upon merit and hard work rather than favoritism. This will motivate them because they understand where they stand within the company hierarchy.

Always give feedback

Always give feedback

Your salespeople should know immediately whether something they did was effective or not. You will need to make sure that you give continuous feedback and reward excellent behavior immediately to appreciate the value of their work and what they can do better next time around.

You should also take this approach with your customers- always provide solutions when problems arise because it shows how much you care about their business (at the same time it helps grow yours). Also, remember that every customer is different, so treat everyone accordingly.

For example, if a client has unique needs, then be prepared to meet those unique requirements before you ever get on the phone with them; don't wait until after the call begins. This way, you know exactly how best to help each person who reaches out for your products/services, allowing you to engage in a more meaningful conversation.

Create time-saving workflows

One of the best tools you can use for this is to create a standard set of steps and templates that your sales team members will follow. The overall goal here should be efficiency. After all, time = money.

This means that they need to know exactly what needs to get done every step of the way without worrying about figuring it out on their own.

Dont forget to motivate your sales team

Don't forget to motivate your sales team

A successful IT sales team should always know exactly what they need to do for them and the company as a whole to succeed- this way, you will be able to keep your motivation high!

Providing incentives and rewards shows that you appreciate all of their hard work, which means they will continue to work hard and efficiently.

Create a little healthy competition within your sales team

And speaking of motivation, some competition among the sales team is a great way to keep everyone motivated, engaged, and always striving towards the next goal.

You want everyone on board with this idea because it will help them accomplish more while also building relationships with each other, leading to better teamwork in general! 

Always be on the lookout for opportunities

Always be on the lookout for opportunities

You should always be looking for new ways you can improve your business so that it grows even more than before. This means staying ahead of any upcoming problems or issues that might arise in the future and opening yourself up to new ideas from other professionals within the industry. This will help to expand your knowledge base and the services you provide, which in turn can lead to more business opportunities- so take advantage of them!

Make sure that all team members are equipped with quality tools

You want everyone on the same page when it comes to their interactions with customers because this shows consistency throughout each conversation. The last thing you want is a team member to be unprepared and unable to answer questions about pricing or basic product information! This will only hurt your business- not help it.

Build long term customer relationships

Build long term customer relationships

If you want to keep your customers coming back, then it's important that they have a positive experience every time. You can achieve this by making sure that all customer interactions are well-informed and executed in the best way possible from start to finish.

Remember: each client is different, so take them on an individual basis when providing services/products.

If you can offer a solution before the client even knows there is an issue, they will be more likely to want your products/services in the future because of how proactive and attentive you were.

Analyze sales data to make sure your team is always on track

Keep an eye out for trends in sales data and find ways to improve the results of future interactions. If you are not able to manage data correctly, then there's no way that you will be able to tell whether or not what you're doing right now is actually working, which is why it's so crucial.

Track more than vanity metrics

Track more than vanity metrics

While it is nice to track the number of sales that your team makes each day, you should be focusing on what truly matters- whether or not they are successful. This means looking at your data, such as average sale prices and customer satisfaction rates, in order for you to see how effective each person really is within their roles.

Always be willing to try something new

Don't get stuck in a rut. Always push yourself and the sales team to think outside of the box. This could mean trying out different sales strategies or implementing better systems into your day-to-day sales operations. But either way, you need to make sure that there is room for growth.

Keep your sales pipeline full

Keep your sales pipeline full

Encourage your IT sales team to add new clients into the sales pipeline continuously. This way, they will never have a reason to stop selling, even when things get tough. Work with your marketing team to ensure qualified leads and ensure your team is not wasting time with "tire kickers."

Build a training plan

Make sure your team is always learning new things and growing within their roles. This could include hosting events or training sessions. Each team member must know they have room to grow because it will inspire them to keep going, even when things get tough.

Sales Process Optimization

Sales Process Optimization

In the end, having a well-rounded sales process and team is the key to success. By having a variety of skill sets and experiences among each member on board with you, then there's nothing that can hold back your company from achieving its fullest potential.

Again, make sure that everyone has what it takes in order for them to perform their best by providing ongoing training and development opportunities. This not only shows appreciation but also ensures that all employees are kept up-to-date with important industry news/trends, which means they won't ever feel "behind" or left behind compared to other teams within your industry.

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