Should You Package Your Managed Services? Here's Everything You Need To Know.

  • Adam Bielanski
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    Adam Bielanski

  • September 24, 2023
  • 2 minute read

Are you constantly going around and around on the hamster wheel with your various technology services?

Are you currently working backbreaking hours and feeling the strain of having to chase prospects and earn more money?

Are you constantly running faster but becoming more and more disappointed?

Guess what?

Many other technology business owners are feeling trapped also. Just like you.

You trade money for hours and hit a ceiling on profitability.

Round and round the hamster wheel we go…

You love what you do. But hate the fact that every day—every week—is a struggle to survive.

And I’m here to reveal a secret… one of the best ways to get off the hamster wheel once and for all is to package.

Let me explain…

Packaging allows you to:

1. Easily share your expertise.
2. Provide the best solution for their business needs
3. Build authority in the market.


· Uniqueness. Packaged services make it much harder to compare you to your competition because it is utterly unique to your personal expertise. Instead of charging a standard hourly (or daily) rate, you instead are offering up a value package with a clear benefit. Thanks to a package, you will no longer be a commodity.

· Recurring Revenue. The great beauty of a package is that you create it one time but you can then sell it over and over. This means less work for you, more clients and a higher quality experience all around.

· Time. Packaging your services and automating a lot of what you do gives you the opportunity to make money while you sleep and gives you spare time to pursue precisely what you desire in your business.


Here are a few tips on how you can get started packaging your services:

Step One: Organize Your Thoughts

· Brainstorm. Take some time to consider what your system is (you may not even realize you have one). Talk to existing and past clients about the process of working with you. Write down everything you always repeat time and time again when you work with a client so that you can pinpoint your unique process.

· Outline. Once you have a handle on everything you want to include, create a simple outline of your system in steps. And don’t worry if your first attempt ultimately bears no resemblance to the final product. Just the mere act of writing an outline will get you more organized.

Step Two: Create the Material

· Write. Writing is excruciating sometimes. But it is a great discipline for helping you understand your body of knowledge. You can of course start by writing a book but I’d suggest you start with a blog. Break your expertise down into little chunks. You will be able to show off your skills and expertise to prospects while at the same time organizing your package…one blog at a time.

Step Three: Putting the Bow On

· Package. Now you’ve organized your process and articulated it through writing, it’s now time to put the package together.

· Automate. Start to build the process and tools which lets you deliver your managed services on autopilot!

So eliminate the ‘everything is custom’ hamster wheel. Take what you've already been doing for customers, arrange it and pack it. You will make more money and have more spare time while serving more individuals.

Seems like a win-win to me personally. Does it to you?

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