Here at Sierra Pacific Consulting, we are devoted to growing technology businesses, and we would be remiss if we didn't take our advice. Our vision is to be the industry's most loved, admired, and tech-savvy consulting company. We know that to get there, we need to consistently seek out the best and brightest team members committed to crafting solutions for our clients.   


Our partners at ConnectWise recognize us as a skilled leader in the consulting industry and highly recommended two of their own to join or team. We are so excited to welcome Marco Valdes as our Manage Specialist, and Joshua Norman as our Automate Specialist.   


Marco was previously a Business Consultant at ConnectWise working one on one with clients to assess their company structure and process to implement ConnectWise Manage effectively to achieve their unique business outcomes. As our Manage Specialist, we welcome his unique understanding of ConnectWise, and his experience finding smart and efficient solutions for a variety of clients. We are ready for him to help our clients reach and even surpass their business goals.  


Joshua was with ConnectWise for eight years and held the positions of Implementation Manager, Software Consultant, and Systems Support Engineer. He brings with him a detailed technical understanding of ConnectWise Automate and the experience of developing solutions for clients within it. We can't wait to have him working with our clients and making our consulting services for ConnectWise Automate even more robust.  


As always, we are here to provide expert consulting focused on building the necessary foundation to support your technology business' continuous growth.   


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Sierra Pacific Consulting assists companies in being the best they can be. We can advise on the optimization of the ConnectWise suite of products, coach you on how to improve your business processes to measure for success, implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), kick your lead generation into high gear while revitalizing your sales messaging, or function as your accounting department providing reports on the necessary KPI's. If you don't know what you don't know, Schedule a call, and we will tell you.  


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