ConnectWise Automate - Terminal B

Added 156 new endpoints without hiring
Gained ability to handle onsite work remotely
Shaved 2 hours off their desktop set up and delivery process

Terminal B

  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Industries Terminal B Serves: Publicly traded companies, international non-profits, pharmaceutical, venture capital, real estate, and financial management firms.
  • Company Size: 11-30 Employees
  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Services Used: ConnectWise Automate Assessment & Optimization
  • Website:

Terminal B is the trusted advisor for Central Texas businesses that require a depth of expertise, accountability, and results from their outsourced information technology services provider. Terminal B provides end-to-end infrastructure consulting and management. We manage data center operations and provide desktop support for small and medium businesses (up to 200 seats). We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and our sweet spot is Microsoft Exchange messaging.

Terminal B increases profitability with Automate, reducing task completion time, and workloads

Terminal B was stuck sifting through false alerts and struggling to keep up with its Automate platform. Now they are efficiency machines. Sierra Pacific Group helped them adjust their system and replace time consuming processes with automation that can help them complete their tasks faster and allow their staff to handle more endpoints, increasing profitability.  Now instead of devoting time to constantly fixing their Automate platform and chasing down false-positive alerts, they are making money on the time Automate saves them.

The roadblock


Terminal B found that their initial implementation of ConnectWise Automate was no longer configured to their now evolved service delivery. Their alerting was inaccurate, patches weren’t always being implemented, and they were spending time checking up on false alerts then they didn’t have. However, their biggest frustration was that without a dedicated person to own Automate's optimization, they knew they would inevitably find themselves in this same spot again and again.


At Sierra Pacific Group, we know how to create a stellar service delivery framework and how to optimize ConnectWise Automate to help. With our experience, we were able to help Terminal B quickly recalibrate the alerts and monitoring necessary to keep their client’s systems in good health and identify repetitive tasks that could be handled by Automate.  Once our updates began to reduce the false-positive alerting and automation for patching and monitoring we corrected, Terminal B began to love their system again. 

Beyond reviving their system, our Automate experts were able to help Terminal B create new automations to streamline their work station deployment and remotely update their client’s workstations to Windows 10 at Windows 7 end-of-life, saving them time and money by avoiding sending techs to client’s offices.



By the close of our Automate assessment and optimization, we were able to revive Terminal B’s system. With corrected alert thresholds, reporting, monitoring, and improved or added automation and scripts, their team is more efficient than ever.  Terminal B has been able to increase its total managed endpoints from 850 to 1,006. They are saving about two hours on every desktop deployment and can increase their profitability by saving their techs time. 

Though our major work is over, we continue to support Terminal B by owning their platform, keeping it optimized and finely-tuned, and writing them new scripts or setting up new automations as needed. Managing Director, Greg Bibeau, has mentioned that he “will never stop working with Sierra Pacific Group.” Now 18 months into our partnership, it has been a delight to see Terminal B growl and excel.

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