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“It’s E-N computers, but it can’t be Ian doing everything, I needed to build up my leaders, and that’s exactly what we have done.”
Have more internal data via performance KPIs for better decision making
Promoted two new leaders
Increased leadership communication and ability to make big decisions faster

E-N Computers

  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Industries E-N Computers Serves: Health care, manufacturing, non-profits, professional service companies
  • Company Size: 11-30 Employees
  • Location:Virginia & Washington D.C.
  • Services Used:Executive Coaching
  • Website: https://www.encomputers.com

E-N Computers is a leading provider of Technology Services to small to medium-sized businesses throughout Virginia and DC. Our company specializes in technology managed services, technology planning, and systems design, integration & implementation.

E-N Computers’ leadership is prepared to access the next level of their business

With CEO Ian MacRae still being bogged down by technical tasks and responsibilities, there was no time to spur and encourage organizational maturity.  By working with us, skilled EOS implementors with the experience of growing technology businesses, E-N Computers has fortified their leadership team with the skills and framework needed to execute on their aligned vision for growth.

The roadblock


CEO of E-N Computers, Ian MacRae came to Sierra Pacific with an already successful and growing company, but as most companies find once you reach a certain capacity the executive leadership team needs to be strong enough to let go of responsibility and be supported by their middle managers. This letting go was something that Ian was particularly struggling with. He had reached his capacity with all of his responsibilities and didn’t have the time to focus on fortifying his leaders with the tools and skills needed to take things off of his plate.

He had tried working with an EOS implementor before but hadn’t found it particularly helpful.  However, he knew he needed help fortifying his leadership team to scale his business to the levels he wanted. Intrigued by the possibility of working with an EOS skilled consultant who knew technology businesses like his inside and out, Ian signed on for a tentative start to our Executive Consulting program, and by the end of month one, he was “all in.”



The first step we take is integrating ourselves into your weekly leadership meetings, helping you to structure them for productivity, identify goals, and provide advice and accountability for the execution of them. Within the first two weeks of working with our Executive consultant, Kyle Christensen, Ian found that with this productive space for decision making that Kyle provided,  “It became apparent that we needed a cultural shift towards a more unified leadership team, and almost immediately Kyle was able to get our departments out of their silos and increase collaborative communication and decision making.”

After increasing communication and defining goals, Kyle got to work helping Ian realign his leadership teams’ responsibilities, crafting a role, not just a title. Once they were able to define the work that needed to be done and map out a plan for how to get there Ian and his team were quickly able to identify gaps and fill them, implement KPI’s and performance reporting that would allow leaders to keep tabs on their team’s success without being in the weeds, and refocus his leaders on growing E-N Computers as a business while delegating to middle management the technical tasks.



Only six months in, E-N Computers still has a way to go but Ian mentioned “It’s E-N computers, but it can’t be Ian doing everything, I needed to build up my leaders, and that’s exactly what we have done.” Ian was craving both unification and passion from his leaders- having them understand his vision for E-N Computers and be passionate about helping him to execute it, not bogged down by technical tasks. Ian said “Kyle helped build a leadership team that no longer has factions and is working towards the same vision. This really has helped us all get on the same page and come together as a team, excited about and feeling equipped to reach our goals.”

Now with an organizational structure to allow E-N’s leaders to step away from their technical tasks, a productive meeting framework to make quick and informed decisions, and the metrics and reporting in place to help them understand and keep tabs on their progress, nothing can hold them back. Empowering companies to take these huge organizational steps is what we live for. We can’t wait to see E-N Computers take off.

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