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“Sierra Pacific was quick, efficient, very effective and even trained our service desk teams and developed great training materials that we still use in our onboarding process.”
Went from double digit service board to single digits
Workflows ensure completed tickets process through the service boards correctly
Simplified the multiple scrolling screens of statuses and work types to one short list

Kotori Technologies

  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Industries Kotori Serves: Government, Manufacturing, Health Care, Service Providers, Education, Non-Profits
  • Company Size: 11-30 Employees
  • Location: North Charleston, South Carolina
  • Services Used: ConnectWise Manage Assessment & Improvement Package
  • Website:

Kotori Technologies offers expert computer and network consulting and support, IT managed services and business enhancement consulting in the Charleston, South Carolina area and beyond. Our comprehensive solutions for small to midsize businesses take the worry out of IT, erasing the headaches of system downtime and protecting productivity.

Kotori is armed with a ConnectWise Manage system that is ready for growth

After letting their system snowball for years, Kotori was ready to hit reset on their ConnectWise Manage platform. We were able to dig through their platform, implement simplified classifications while reworking their processes for efficiency. Already reaping the benefits of our solutions, they are reinvesting to improve service delivery even further with ConnectWise Automate.

The roadblock


As a long time ConnectWise user, Kotori knew their way around the system. However, years of added note templates, status names, service boards, and work types were cluttering their system.

Their platform had grown into a monster, as COO Derek Iannelli-Smith called it, causing stress and frustration when its purpose is to do the opposite.

Intimidated by the amount of clean up and simplification their system needed, they approached us looking for someone to help organize and provide optimization solutions.



Our first step was simple, generate a baseline to analyze where the clutter is clogging their service delivery.

From there, we worked alongside Kotori’s team to consolidate and standardize their classifications and platform organization. Along the way, we were also able to effectively identify places for optimization, reducing the time needed to complete a task. Throughout the project, we worked to craft and document our classification system and updated processes so that moving forward, Kotori would have a reference guide to keep them on track.

In Derek’s words, our process is “What do you need, here is what we found out, here is the solution, does this work for you.”

He found that our approach worked best because it allowed SPG to identify the root of Kotori’s issues, offer relevant and creative solutions, and then check that they fit Kotori’s business operations ensuring an effective adoption of the solution. Derek was particularly impressed with the follow-up training we provided to his service desk team, stating that Kotori still uses our training materials as part of their onboarding process.



In terms of our results, Derek said it best: “Long story short, our efficiency and effectiveness have greatly increased.”

The most impactful result of our partnership to him is that he can now make sense of the reports and metrics in ConnectWise.

He stated, “We’ve gone from “Holy cow, what is this storm I’m looking at?” to "clear reports and useful data,” giving him the power to steer the ship and correct course if needed.

With our solutions they can get the number of tickets on their service boards into the single digits and keep it there, which, according to Derek, has never happened before.

Now able to see the clear picture of their service delivery, Kotori is excited to keep the momentum going. They are currently learning how they could leverage ConnectWise Automate to reduce their service tech’s workloads, to increase their capacity, and scale their business. We were able to help empower them with the tools necessary to elevate their business to the next level, and now they are coming back for more- our work is never done, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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