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Set 3-5 sales meetings with qualified leads every month
Optimized their sales cycle deals close 25% faster
Established verticals to hyper-focus marketing efforts


  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Industries Sensible Serves: Legal Services, Sports Management, Non-Profits, Small Businesses
  • Company Size: 11-30 Employees
  • Location: Norwest, New South Wales, Australia
  • Services Used: Marketing & Sales Consulting and Done-For-You Services
  • Website:

Sensible Business Solutions is an independent, 100% Australian owned technology management company with customers based throughout Australasia. Sensible started their business because they wanted to bring Enterprise-Grade results to Australian medium sized businesses without the price tag. They form a business partnership that has a disciplined process to determine what makes your business tick, and how technology can best be implemented to meet your business objectives.

Sensible Business Solutions has their name out there and are fielding lead calls left and right

In the modern world of sales and marketing, businesses need more than just cold calling and word-of-mouth referrals to grow and scale their MSP predictably. With a desire to grow, Sensible was craving a comprehensive sales and marketing system that could be integrated into their business, and more importantly - fill their pipeline with predictable opportunities month over month.

Without the expertise, CEO Katherine Spanner knew it may take months - maybe even years- to perfect a strategy that would truly produce the outcome the company was looking for; qualified opportunities every month. After much research, Sensible turned to SPG to help develop an "owned: lead generation strategy" that could be executed long term. With their excellent brand story, HubSpot's CRM, and our sales and content strategist's expertise, we were able to craft a predictive system, and produce engaging content to large community of ideal prospects.

The roadblock


As an established Managed Service Provider, Sensible was looking to grow their business at speed and scale. Previously, the company relied on cold calling and word-of-mouth referrals, but they knew that wasn’t sustainable long term. They also tried a few "rented" lead generation strategies like Google Adwords, but realized they only received leads as long as they kept paying to reach an audience they didn't own.

In addition, the team at Sensible felt that their internal sales and marketing processes weren't documented, measurable, or scalable. They realized they didn’t have the time or the expertise to build a predictable pipeline and achieve a substantial ROI.

CEO Katherine Spanner mentioned, “As a business leader, I don’t have the time or expertise for a market that changes as often as  marketing strategy, and it was becoming the one thing that our competitors were doing better than us.” For Katherine, her goal was to “have a defined, organized, and predictable process that can translate our ideas into actionable campaigns to attract new clients, without putting a ton of work on us.”


We immediately recognized that Sensible had a great differentiator- their “Sensible” approach to technology. With this differentiator at our disposal, our team spent the time documenting pain-points of the target audience they had a desire to attract, uncover real value drivers of their service deliverables, and document direct benefits of the services Sensible provides clients today. Once documented, we helped to develop sequential drip messaging to slowly educate prospective buyers on the what, the why, and the how.

We deployed a sequential drip messaging campaigns across LinkedIn, as well as email, to encourage the right prospective clients to take action; that action being an introductory call with the sales team at Sensible. In order to keep prospects and customer organized, we implemented and optimized Hubspot’s CRM and Sales Professional platform, as well as help integrate their marketing into their business day to day. We helped establish documented sales and marketing processes, launching Sensible into a maturity state. 

After just 30 short days of onboarding and collaborating about the best outbound and inbound approach, we launched the campaigns with goals to consistently attract, educate, and convert prospective clients. After just 3 short months, we were able to happily report that Sensible was meeting with an average of 3-5 sales qualified prospects every single month. 

Once the foundation was laid, we helped further "level up" Sensible’s marketing strategy by adding in additional campaigns to layer on-top of the primary outreach. This included funnels, lead magnets, interactive assessments, and chatbots. Instead of spending money on marketing to a large geographic area with Google Adwords or Facebooks ads and getting little traction, we hyper-focused on industries that proved to be great high-value clients, as well as the content those verticals needed to convert into quality meetings. 



Katherine mentioned that with our help, she has grown her brand awareness and authority in the market place substantially, positioning Sensible as an intelligible industry leader.

She said, “Our name is out there; we are getting improved engagement on our blog and social content that we were never able to achieve in the past.”

When Katherine started with us, she had an outdated list with roughly 60% inaccurate or dead data. Now, six months later, we have helped build a LinkedIn community of over 7,000 connections. Since our team has created a direct integration with HubSpot, we were able to not only connect Katherine with 7,000 prospective clients, but also collect contact information - like phone number and email - to build a living database for them to prospect to forever.  No more dead data, opt-in forms, or high bounce rates.

With their name "top of mind", Sydney businesses were delivered educational content leading them down a predictive pathway to the services they need. Sensible has found great success with a genuine and honest approach to relationship marketing, pivoting away from a "rented" solution and adopting an "owned" approach with long term results.

With our sales framework, Katherine noted that she had to quickly hire and onboard a small sales team to help conduct initial and in-person appointments with the qualified leads we were generating. Now that Sensible is equipped with the tools, knowledge, and content necessary, they have the cohesive marketing and sales ecosystem they were looking for - and 150% ROI after 6 months of working with us!

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