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"Working with Sierra Pacific Group helped me to streamline our entire business. I was able to focus on growing our business and setting up our first franchise, instead of pulling out my hair on weekends trying to get ConnectWise set up."

Surveillance Secure

  • Industry: Security & Investigations
  • Company Size: 11-30 Employees
  • Location: Gaithersburg, MD
  • Services Used: ConnectWise Manage & Sell Optimization & Implementation
  • Website:

Surveillance Secure is a full-service provider of surveillance cameras, access control, and video analytic security systems, servicing clients in the Washington D.C. metro area and throughout the United States. 

With our help, Surveillance Secure hacked the ConnectWise platform to support their franchises.

After long nights and weekends of pulling out his hair trying to get ConnectWise customized to fit SurveillanceSecure's goals, President Kim Hartman decided he needs expert help. Sierra Pacific Group was able to customize his ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Sell platforms to support franchising their business and preserve the hair Kim had left.

The roadblock


Surveillance Secure had ConnectWise Manage and Sell for about a month and was excited about the prospect of making their system delivery more efficient but were running into roadblocks. Kim Hartman, President of Surveillance Secure, attempted to set up and optimize the platforms himself.

Still, after multiple weekends' worth of frustration and work, he recognized that they needed a dedicated expert responsible for setting up and optimizing the platform. Specifically, Kim was also looking for a consultant with the ability to craft processes within ConnectWise that could allow Surveillance Secure to maintain one ConnectWise platform while adding multiple franchises to their business.


Our approach to helping Surveillance Secure was the same as any other client but had to be adjusted to find a custom solution for their franchises. In the first couple of weeks, our consultants focused on laying the framework in the ConnectWise platforms to give Surveillance Secure the ability to track their "Mothership" location separately from their franchisee. Also, Kim wanted the Mothership able to access the franchisee's data and reporting without the franchisee seeing or accessing the Mothership's data. 

We were able to negotiate these security settings to accomplish what he needed in both ConnectWise Manage and Sell, keep the two businesses' information separate so as not to impact reporting, and link both businesses' QuickBooks to the single Mobius in ConnectWise Sell. From there, we helped them solidify their processes and implement efficiency measures to make sure their team was prepared for this rapid growth.

Kim commented, "Our main consultant, Eileen, was always giving me shortcuts and tips on how to get what I needed done, faster."



After successfully onboarding their first franchisee, Kim is comforted knowing that his organization has the tools and solutions necessary to take off.

According to Kim, bringing in Sierra Pacific Group was a game-changer, stating, "SPG was able to streamline our entire business, freeing me to focus on growing our business and finding more franchisees."

Now that Surveillance Secure has their first franchise down, Kim is ready to move forward with adding a couple more, thankful that throughout this pivotal business shift, he has SPG helping him through it.

He mentioned, "Even though ConnectWise has constraints, Sierra Pacific Group has always found me an effective solution to work around it." 

Now experiencing rapid growth and success, Surveillance Secure has been soaking up our recommendations and tips and putting them into action. We will be cheering them on and providing a helping hand as needed as they continue to scale.

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