How ECSMI boosted efficiency by 95% with Sierra Pacific Group's script writing

$60K saved per year

Leveraging SPG’s team reduced overhead.

95% efficiency boost

Utilizing script writing improved efficiency.

1,000+ hours saved

Automated deployments drove time savings.

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Case Study

ECMSI has kept SMBs protected, productive, and positioned for growth since 1999. Based in Youngstown, Ohio, their team boasts a combined 150+ years of IT experience and an industry-leading average response time of 19 minutes or less. This MSP’s top-of-the-line offerings range from managed IT and web hosting to cloud services and network security.


ECMSI, based in Youngstown, Ohio, integrates the latest in computers and technology with your business. ECMSI provides custom solutions, IT management, cloud services, networking software, backup solutions, and web development for your small to medium sized business.

The Problem

ECMSI’s in-house RMM administration was overpriced & ineffective

In order to deliver top-tier client services, ECMSI needed top-tier administration of their N-able system on the back end. They hoped to avoid hiring a full-time RMM provider or scriptwriter since the role would cost, at minimum, $60,000 per year to fill.

ECMSI did eventually bring on an in-house team member to handle their RMM software, but he was quickly saddled with unrelated projects and day-to-day tasks. Not enough focus went toward their N-able setup. So, they turned to SPG for dedicated, expert-level assistance.

The Solution

Create custom scripts to automate hours of monitoring, deployment, and more

Ralph Blanco, CEO of ECMSI, emphasizes how SPG brings all of the capabilities and impact of a full-time team member with the deep expertise of a consultant. This eliminates the need to hire an N-able specialist while keeping ECMSI on the cutting edge of software for the MSP space.

Notable projects and improvements have included:

  1. Keeping ECMSI optimized & up-to-date— SPG is specifically dedicated to keeping ECMSI’s RMM software current and optimizing wherever and whenever possible.
  2. Scripts to automate & simplify “anything we need” — For instance, SPG helped set up seamless monitoring and alerts so ECMSI can proactively detect and solve network issues — often before the client even realizes anything went wrong.
  3. Eliminating the need for in-person deployment — Previously, ECMSI sent service techs to install software like Office 365 in person. Now, in a few clicks, they can automatically and remotely deploy Office to an almost unlimited number of workstations at once.

“Instead of us having to reinvent the wheel, SPG has usually already seen the issue we’re dealing with. By the time we do the research, it turns out they’ve seen this before and have already started on a solution.” - Ralph Blanco, CEO of ECMSI

The Results

The ECMSI team first partnered with SPG back in 2019. Since then, they’ve experienced a wide range of positive metric outcomes. Some notable wins include:

  1. Roughly $60,000 saved per year— This would be the cost of bringing on a full-time hire to replicate SPG’s dedicated work on their N-able system.
  2. Hours-long projects become 10-minute scripts — Where it used to take hours of project work (i.e., monitoring client device status), they can simply approach SPG for a custom script solution. All ECMSI has to do is implement and monitor.
  3. Thousands of hours saved by automating deployment — Dave Galioto, CIO of ECMSI, says, “I couldn’t believe the hours we’ve saved with remote upgrades.” With 30 minutes per deployment on thousands of devices, the savings are immense.
It used to take us hours to do some of this work. Now, we can hop on a call with SPG and get it sorted out in ten minutes. They do basically all of the work. We just implement and monitor it.

The Future

Looking forward, ECMSI plans to keep automating service delivery with SPG for the long haul. Even more, Dave highlights SPG’s dedication to building long-term partnerships on a personal level. This combination of metric gains and stand-out customer service has led ECMSI to recommend SPG repeatedly over the years — and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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