How Epoch decreased resource load by over 45% with Sierra Pacific Group

20% Patch Growth

Rapidly boosted patch management levels

45% Load Decrease

Reduced resource load on CW Automate

18% Time Decrease

Reduced hours spent on service issues

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Explore how Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) collaborated with Epoch to revamp their ConnectWise Automate system, effectively eliminating service delivery bottlenecks and significantly improving company-wide visibility and reporting. Through this partnership, Epoch benefited from SPG's expertise in optimizing the ConnectWise Automate platform, enabling them to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and gain valuable insights for better decision-making.


About Epoch

Epoch is an IT Managed Service Provider focused on solving business and technology challenges to meet organization goals. Epoch's total focus and success is based on excellent customer service and having an open, honest business relationship with clients. The team prides themselves on these qualities, and believes the services and solutions provided will serve businesses well, now and into the future.


Services Provided by SPG

Sierra Pacific Group initially collaborated with Epoch on an RMM Improvement Project. These projects are tailored for busy IT/MSP companies that have used ConnectWise RMM systems for several years, but haven't fully optimized their features, leveraged automation, or configured the tools according to established best practices.

Upon completion of the Improvement Project, Epoch maintained their partnership with SPG by subscribing to the Virtual RMM Administrative Services. This service enabled Terminal B to fully outsource their RMM administration, effectively replacing a high-cost internal employee.

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The Problem

Epoch sought SPG's Expertise to Optimize ConnectWise Automate and Enhance ROI

The Epoch team, known for their high service maturity, recognized that their organization's size might impose certain limitations. They understood the need for expert assistance to fully optimize their ConnectWise Automate environment and drive better results. This led them to collaborate with SPG.

John Tokasz, a system engineer at Epoch, expressed confidence in SPG's ability to not only reaffirm their current strengths but also devise innovative strategies that would enhance their business growth through effective automation. The partnership aimed to maximize the return on their investment in ConnectWise Automate and unleash its untapped potential.

The Solution

Optimizing ConnectWise Automate Deployment and Eliminating Redundancies

SPG began by conducting a comprehensive review of Epoch's Automate environment to remove redundant processes, focusing on groups (scheduled scripts) and monitors. Enhancements included:

  • Implementing best practices for Extra Data Fields usage to increase the reliability and functionality of searches and scripts

  • Developing a solution to automate resolution deployment (using groups and advanced searches) and advance client alignment services

These upgrades led to noticeable improvements. SPG's suggestions on group structure alone bolstered auditing and automated resolutions, providing greater insight into activities across Epoch's client base.

John highlights how SPG's extensive ConnectWise expertise enabled them to analyze and assist in the implementation of best practices, standards, and efficient procedures for Epoch.


"SPG took the time to guide us through all Automate configurations with knowledgeable insight. … Recommendations on our group structure alone have significantly improved auditing services and automated resolutions."

The Results

Epoch Team Experiences Significant Improvements in Efficiency and Effectiveness with SPG Collaboration

The collaboration between SPG and Epoch has led to numerous positive changes for Epoch's engineers, which include:

Substantial decrease in system workload: As a result of SPG's comprehensive overhaul, the resource load on Epoch's Automate system was reduced by 45%, allowing for a smoother and more efficient operation. 

Improved patch management: Through meticulous configuration adjustments and the implementation of stricter approval standards, SPG helped increase Epoch's overall patch level from 78% to an impressive 98%.

Reduction in service costs: Epoch experienced a "significant decrease" in service tickets as well as an 18% reduction in hours spent on software deployments and addressing workstation or application-related issues.

John stresses the importance of the invaluable knowledge and insights gained through working sessions with SPG, and he praises the impact of their new, well-aligned Automate environment. "This has put us on an enhanced trajectory as an organization," he explains.

Furthermore, the remarkable increase in Automate efficiency has empowered Epoch's service delivery team to shift their focus towards enhancing client services and developing innovative new offerings to better serve their customers. The collaboration with SPG has not only improved the company's existing processes but also set the stage for continued growth and success in the future.

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