How Sierra Pacific Group helped Epoch decrease resource load by over 45%

20% patch growth

Rapidly boosted patch management levels.

45% load decrease

Reduced resource load on CW Automate.

18% time decrease

Reduced hours spent on service issues.

“Our experience working with SPG has been very reaffirming and extremely insightful. They’ve enhanced our clients’ overall experiences and satisfaction.”

John Tokasz, System Engineer at Epoch

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Case Study

Learn how Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) eliminated redundancies and leveraged automation across Epoch’s ConnectWise system to dramatically reduce service tickets and workloads.



Founded in 1996, Epoch is an MSP based in Columbia, Maryland. All of their solutions — from network design to firewall management to disaster recovery — are built with cybersecurity in mind. Epoch is also a prolific Qualified Maryland Cybersecurity Seller, providing tax credits to clients for cybersecurity tech and services.

The Problem

Epoch needed SPG’s expert touch to maximize ROI on ConnectWise Automate

The team at Epoch pride themselves on their high level of service maturity based on the size of their organization. However, they also knew their size could mean limitations. If Epoch hoped to elevate their Automate environment, they needed pros with deep experience, which is why they turned to SPG.

According to John Tokasz, a system engineer at Epoch, they trusted SPG would confirm their strengths while providing brand new strategies to drive business results with automation.

The Solution

Automate deployment in ConnectWise while eliminating redundancies

SPG kicked off with an in-depth review of Epoch’s Automate environment to eliminate redundant processes — starting with groups (scheduled scripts) and monitors. Upgrades included:

  1. Setting best practices for usage of Extra Data Fields to boost reliability and functionality of searches and scripts
  2. Formulating a solution to automate resolution deployment (via groups and detailed advanced searches) and evolve client alignment services

Improvements quickly followed. SPG’s recommendations on group structure alone strengthened auditing and automated resolutions for greater insight into activity across Epoch’s client base.

Overall, John emphasizes how SPG brought decades of ConnectWise knowledge to the table to analyze and assist in implementing best practices, standards, and functional procedures.

SPG took the time to guide us through all Automate configurations with knowledgeable insight. … Recommendations on our group structure alone have significantly improved auditing services and automated resolutions.

The Results

The Epoch team reports that working with SPG has made their engineers more efficient and effective across the board. Notable results include:

  1. Reduced system workload — The resource load on Epoch’s Automate system decreased by 45% as a result of SPG’s overhaul.
  2. Improved patch management — Their overall patch level grew from 78% to 98% through detailed configuration changes and approval standards.
  3. Reduced service costs — Epoch has seen a “significant decrease” in service tickets and a 18% reduction in hours spent on software deployments and workstation or app issues.

The Future

Ultimately, John highlights the knowledge SPG has passed on through our working sessions and the value of their new-and-improved, well-aligned Automate environment. “This has put us on an enhanced trajectory as an organization,” he explains.

Looking forward, Epoch’s surge in Automate efficiency has enabled their service delivery team to focus on client improvements and building out new services.

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