Accellis Saves 30 Hours Per Week in Managed IT Labor with Outsourced Bookkeeping

+25% billable hours

through automated workflows

30 hours saved

per week in managed IT

40 hours saved

per week in manual accounting tasks

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Learn how Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) partnered with Accellis to automate hours of accounting and managed IT labor while maximizing time with clients and billables. 


About Accellis

For over 20 years, the Ohio-based Accellis Technology Group has equipped clients nationwide with scalable, flexible, and secure solutions in managed IT, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. The Accellis team boasts over 25 industry awards, 1.5 million tickets mined annually, 3,000 devices analyzed daily, and 130,000 self-healing events automated monthly.


Services Provided by SPG

Sierra Pacific Group initially collaborated with Accellis on a Finance Systems Improvement Project. These projects are tailored for busy IT/MSP companies that use ConnectWise and QuickBooks for invoicing and billing, but need a ConnectWise expert who can handle the day-to-day accounting & bookkeeping tasks.

Accellis maintains their partnership with SPG today with Virtual Bookkeeping Services. This service enables Accellis to fully outsource their accounting & bookkeeping, effectively replacing a high-cost internal employee.

Chat With Brian Guscott

We recognize the importance of validating our results by facilitating direct communication between potential clients and those we have already served—your peers in the industry. This approach fosters trust and allows you to hear firsthand about the experiences and successes of businesses who have faced similar pain-points.

We welcome you to contact Brian Guscott at 216-662-3200 or


The Problem
MSP Finances are Uniquely Difficult to Maintain

Finances for MSPs are “a unique situation” across the board, says Brian Guscott, COO of Accellis. When their long-time office manager departed from the company, the Accellis team was at a loss for how to balance the complexities of manual billing with the demands of service delivery and client support. 

They eventually discovered Sierra Pacific Group through other MSP leaders in their ConnectWise Evolve peer group. Accellis was impressed and reached out to SPG for consulting on both accounting and ConnectWise. Looking back, Brian explains that if they hadn’t reached out, “We would've continued to slowly bleed away money.” 

“We’re a business. Our central mission is obviously helping our clients, but we do need to pay salaries and make some money. If we hadn’t found SPG, we’d be in a sorry state today.” 


The Solution
Streamline Accounting Processes & Automate Tedious IT Tasks

When Brian first met with Adam, SPG’s CEO, he was struck by how personally familiar Adam was with all of the pain points of managed service delivery. Being able to speak the same language as your consultant is “a huge time-saver,” Brian tells us. 

To kick off, SPG conducted an end-to-end discovery, interviewing the Accellis team while reviewing their systems for internal finances and external services. We kept what worked while strategizing improvements for manual, outdated processes — in two key areas:

  1. Airtight accounting maximizes your savings — “SPG turned our books upside down,” Brian highlights. By reconfiguring their chart of accounts, SPG helped Accellis gain visibility into their spend patterns, least profitable product areas, and much more. 
  2. Automate tedious managed IT tasks — SPG worked alongside the Accellis team to comb through their ConnectWise environment and create numerous automated workflows. One time-saving script automates ticket handling after status updates. 

“It’s just nice to have a backstop like the SPG team. If we have a problem we can’t figure out, it is way easier to message them than it is to go to ConnectWise. And we get it solved — same day.” 

The Results
SPG Saves Accellis Countless Hours of Work

Since teaming up with SPG, Accellis has seen impressive time savings. 

  • They’ve gained back roughly 30 hours per week in managed IT labor. 
  • They’ve gained back 30–40 hours per week in accounting efforts. 

According to Brian, invoicing that used to take him 2–3 days of work has now been cut down to 2–3 hours — thanks to automation. Now, they leverage that saved time to provide clients with more enhanced services and personalized support, meaning more billable hours. 

Whether it’s bookkeeping or ConnectWise troubleshooting, Brian emphasizes that SPG is always ready and equipped to provide tailored, results-driven support. Instead of struggling to manage ConnectWise admin and financials in-house, the Accellis team can bring in trusted outside experts — and reap all of the benefits with less lift. Looking forward, they anticipate scaling their award-winning IT services alongside SPG for the long run. 

“You want your team prioritizing your clients — not your back office, where there’s no return. After SPG’s help, we have people focusing on actual billable client work, instead of handling finances or ConnectWise Manage.” 

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