How Bayou Technologies Saved $50k Annually with Virtual Administration

20 Hours Saved/Week

Automation reduced time spent on manual tasks

$50,000+ saved annually

with a dedicated team of virtual administrators, compared to a $75k, fully burdened and salaried employee

200% ROI

On the subscription cost for ConnectWise Manage PSA

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Discover how Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) collaborated with Bayou Technologies to optimize their use of ConnectWise, resulting in reduced workload and maximized ROI for the MSP. The partnership led to significant improvements in efficiency, scalability, and smooth operations, thanks to SPG's expertise and tailor-made solutions.

About Bayou Tech

Based in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Bayou Technologies is an MSP empowering small businesses with solutions in cybersecurity, communications, and marketing. The Bayou Tech team will help you maximize profits and ensure your team has access to reliable, efficient technologies. 

Services Provided by SPG

Sierra Pacific Group initially collaborated with Bayou Technologies on a PSA Improvement Project. These projects are tailored for busy IT/MSP companies that have used ConnectWise PSA systems for several years, but haven't fully optimized their features, leveraged automation, or configured the tools according to established best practices.

Upon completion of the Improvement Project, Bayou Technologies maintained their partnership with SPG by subscribing to the Virtual PSA Administrative Services. This service enabled Bayou Tech to fully outsource their PSA administration, effectively replacing a high-cost internal employee.

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We recognize the importance of validating our results by facilitating direct communication between potential clients and those we have already served—your peers in the industry. This approach fosters trust and allows you to hear firsthand about the experiences and successes of businesses who have faced similar pain-points.

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The Problem

Overcoming ConnectWise Optimization Challenges with SPG

Bayou Tech, a dedicated ConnectWise shop, faced significant challenges in optimizing the complex software. As the tool tracks all hours within their system, understanding it was vital. However, according to Founder & CEO Victor Wukovits, Bayou Tech lost money due to their struggle to optimize their investment.

Before partnering with Sierra Pacific Group, Bayou Tech tried several unsuccessful solutions:

  • Implementation with ConnectWise Professional Services Team: Bayou Tech engaged the ConnectWise Professional Services Team to help them implement the software, but they found that the team's approach did not address the unique needs and challenges of their business. Since the "consultants" of the team tend to be more product specialists, the guidance was lacking first-hand experience.

  • An independent consultant, who offered support but lacked long-term structure: Bayou Tech also tried working with an independent consultant who provided support but failed to offer a sustainable, long-term structure that would ensure the effective use of ConnectWise in their daily operations. Most of this was due to the fact that the independent consultant did not have the capacity to provide process adherence training and mentoring to team members.

  • An MSP coaching company that only provided high-level advice: In another attempt to optimize their ConnectWise experience, Bayou Tech sought assistance from an MSP coaching company. However, this company's focus was limited to consulting only, leaving Bayou Tech's software optimization needs unaddressed.

Despite these attempts, Bayou Tech needed a more comprehensive solution to make the most of their ConnectWise Manage PSA. This is where Sierra Pacific Group stepped in, providing the missing link: "hands-on" configuration, expertise, administration, and support necessary to help Bayou Tech overcome their software challenges and unlock the full potential of their ConnectWise investment.


The Solution

Bayou Tech Maximizes ConnectWise ROI with SPG's Expertise

Upon partnering with SPG, Bayou Tech finally found a solution that addressed their complex needs effectively and cohesively. SPG's affordable, expert consulting, administration, and support helped maximize their ROI on ConnectWise.

From the beginning, SPG's CEO, Adam, was actively engaged and responsive to Bayou Tech's needs. This positive relationship extended throughout the on-boarding process, as the Bayou team connected with well-trained SPG counterparts.

Key improvements provided by SPG to Bayou Tech include:


  • Efficient operations: By implementing best practices for business hygiene and ensuring correct operating procedures, SPG helped create seamless team functioning for Bayou Tech, streamlining their daily activities and boosting overall productivity.


  • Maximizing ROI on ConnectWise: SPG's expertise in ConnectWise enabled Bayou Tech to fully understand their investment, optimize software usage, and benefit from insider tips and tricks that improved their client offerings and enhanced their service capabilities.


  • Reduced Payroll Costs: SPG offered a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time PSA expert by providing an entire team of experts at a fraction of the cost. This allowed Bayou Tech to access top-tier knowledge and support without breaking the bank.


  • Scalability: With the enhancements provided by SPG, Bayou Tech was able to scale their business more efficiently, enabling employees to focus on servicing clients rather than struggling with ConnectWise maintenance and optimization.

These enhancements allowed Bayou Tech to scale more efficiently, enabling employees to focus on servicing clients rather than maintaining ConnectWise.


“SPG is helping us mature as a business by implementing operating procedures. Now, we know how to do everything correctly. Getting their advice has been hugely helpful for us in terms of getting things done.” 


The Results

Enhancing Efficiency and Scalability: Bayou Tech's Success with SPG

Bayou Tech's partnership with SPG has led to significant improvements in efficiency, scalability, and seamless operations. Implementing BrightGauge to track KPIs in-depth has already yielded positive results, including:


  • Saving 20 hours of work per week for the MSP's team: With SPG's help, Bayou Tech streamlined their processes and eliminated inefficiencies, freeing up valuable time for their team to focus on more important tasks and client servicing.


  • Saving $50,000 annually by opting for SPG's $2,000/month service over a $75,000 full-time hire: Bayou Tech found that partnering with SPG long term, post project, provided access to a whole team of system administrators at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee, resulting in significant cost savings.


  • Achieving a 200% ROI on the ConnectWise toolstack: Thanks to SPG's expertise, Bayou Tech was able to fully optimize their ConnectWise investment, doubling the return on their initial spending and boosting overall business performance.


Even when Bayou Tech becomes fully proficient in using ConnectWise, they plan to retain SPG's services. Victor appreciates the on-demand expertise, knowing that his team can reach out to SPG whenever they face a challenge.

This long-term partnership is built on trust, as Bayou Tech does not want to start over with another partner. They are confident in SPG's ability to provide the right resources and address any future system issues that may arise, ensuring ongoing support and growth.


“I can hire someone trained in ConnectWise and pay them a $75,000 salary. Or I can pay SPG less than $2,000 monthly and get a whole team of capable people with back doors to ConnectWise since they all used to work there. It’s easy math.” 

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