How American PCS International Saved 100+ Hours/Year with Sierra Pacific Group

100+ Hours Saved

With streamlined & automated workflows

2x Client Retention

Improved retention with the setup of patching test groups

50% Improved Efficiency

With self healing scripts and automated workflows

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Find out how Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) delivered efficient patching solutions to PCS International, eliminating hours of work and false-positive tickets. 


About PCS International

Serving the Chicago area since 1986, PCS is an MSP helping businesses hone their tech for productivity, profitability, and stability. They offer IT support, network security, server solutions, disaster recovery, and much more to take the burden of technology off your plate. 

Services Provided by SPG

Sierra Pacific Group initially collaborated with PCS on an RMM Improvement Project. These projects are tailored for busy IT/MSP companies that have used ConnectWise RMM systems for several years, but haven't fully optimized their features, leveraged automation, or configured the tools according to established best practices.

Upon completion of the Improvement Project, PCS maintained their partnership with SPG by subscribing to the Virtual RMM Administration to fully outsource their RMM administration, effectively replacing a high-cost internal employee.

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We recognize the importance of validating our results by facilitating direct communication between potential clients and those we have already served—your peers in the industry. This approach fosters trust and allows you to hear firsthand about the experiences and successes of businesses who have faced similar pain-points.

We welcome you to contact Ron Searle at or 847-348-3820.

The Problem

Untangling a Patchwork of ConnectWise Automate Complications

American PCS had been grappling with a tangle of issues stemming from ConnectWise Automate's patching system for several years. Their experience was marked by an overwhelming deluge of alerts - a cacophony that made sifting through the noise to identify actionable tasks a labor-intensive, time-consuming ordeal. Rather than streamlining their workflow, their current Automate setup had transformed into an unwieldy obstacle, costing them valuable time, focus, and employee productivity.

The turning point arrived when they chanced upon Sierra Pacific Group (SPG), a highly recommended name within the industry renowned for its problem-solving prowess in the ConnectWise space. Backed by glowing peer reviews, including enthusiastic endorsements on industry platforms like Reddit, SPG emerged as a beacon of relief for American PCS. Tasked with the mission to untangle their knotty patching and alerts system, SPG also extended scripting support to further enhance their operational efficiency.


The Solution
Harnessing SPG’s Patching Scheme: A Game-changer for Streamlined Maintenance

SPG's tailored patching scheme ushered in a new era of efficiency for American PCS. With an immediate impact, their Automate environment underwent a transformation, evolving into a significantly cleaner, more manageable system. Alerts were no longer a source of dread, but trustworthy signals guiding their interventions on client network issues.

By innovatively batching by group rather than by client, SPG allowed PCS to add new clients to pre-existing patch groups with ease. This clever tweak boosted operational efficiency twofold: Integrating each new client became a breeze, while the overall number of patch schemes to manage reduced significantly.

A fringe benefit of this revamp was its role in ensuring compliance with Managed Service Agreements (MSAs), effectively lightening the load of additional responsibilities for the PCS team.

“The switch to SPG’s patching scheme brought about an immediate shift. It was an immense improvement, remarkably clean and straightforward to manage. We simply tick off boxes now, instead of constructing an entire new patching scheme for each individual client.”


The Results

Collaborating with SPG marked a turning point for American PCS, effectively eradicating the stress and resource-drain associated with incessant patching schemes. Quickened turnaround times further amplified client satisfaction. Noteworthy outcomes, quantified in key metrics, include: 

  • Over 100 hours saved annually with automated workflows to tackle false alarms and non-billable clients.

  • Doubled client retention rate with the meticulous setup of patching test groups and production groups, which ensured a solitary faulty patch didn't disrupt their customers' work.

  • Efficiency surged by 50% with the implementation of self-healing scripts and automation of recurring tasks, empowering the business to scale without the constant need to expand staff.

Ron Searle, the CEO of American PCS, has thoroughly enjoyed the partnership with SPG, applauding their responsive approach. He praised their prompt attention to tickets and collaborative spirit in scripting solutions. Anticipating a long-lasting relationship, he looks forward to what lies ahead with SPG.

"SPG has been remarkably responsive—absolutely no complaints in that regard. We submit a ticket, and they're immediately on it. Our interactions with the team have been nothing short of excellent."


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