How KRS Increased Client Retention by 40% with a ConnectWise Manage Improvement Project

91% CSAT Score

Maintained CSAT above 90% from systematic service delivery

+40% Client Retention

With ticket prioritization & expected resolution times, KRS IT can provide realistic expectations to clients

+62% Employee Retention

Streamlined processes and systemized paths lead to happier clients

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Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) partnered with KRS IT Consulting to help them revamp their ConnectWise Manage PSA. The goal was to create a process oriented culture, to ensure happier clients, increased retention, and a happier service delivery team. 


About KRS IT Consulting

Since 2010, KRS IT Consulting has been a leader in managed IT services, disaster recovery, and 24/7 cybersecurity for the New York and New Jersey metro areas. The KRS team pride themselves on providing SMBs with enterprise-level solutions that are 100% outsourced and highly personalized — all at one flat-rate price.

Services Provided by SPG

Sierra Pacific Group initially collaborated with KRS IT Consulting on a PSA Improvement Project. These projects are tailored for busy IT/MSP companies that have used ConnectWise PSA systems for several years, but haven't fully optimized their features, leveraged automation, or configured the tools according to established best practices.

Upon completion of the Improvement Project, KRS IT Consulting maintained their partnership with SPG by subscribing to the Virtual PSA Administrative Services. This service enabled KRS IT Consulting to fully outsource their PSA administration, effectively replacing a high-cost internal employee.


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The Problem

Addressing Long-standing Configuration Issues to Revitalize ConnectWise Manage System

For almost a decade, KRS has depended on ConnectWise Manage as their PSA software, crucial for managing billing, time documentation, ticket data, and other essential tasks for their clients.

However, Josiv Krstinovski, the CEO of KRS, concedes that their system had been "messy and mismanaged" for years due to a lack of proper guidance and configuration. The platform was never implemented properly -- and certainly not with scale in mind. This disorganization severely impacted their service delivery, resulting in inefficient communication with clients, time-consuming ticketing processes, and inconsistent billing practices.

By addressing the long-standing configuration issues, KRS can now look forward to improving their overall efficiency, streamlining client communications, and establishing more accurate and reliable billing processes. This transformation will significantly enhance their service delivery and strengthen their relationships with clients, ultimately contributing to the company's growth and success.

The Solution

Revamping KRS's ConnectWise Manage PSA with Streamlined Workflows

When the KRS team discovered SPG, they reached out to collaborate on a solution to fix the inefficiencies in service delivery. The goal was to keep paying clients longer. After realizing that this goal could not be achieved by simply configuring service boards, a much-needed overhaul of their ConnectWise PSA system was kicked off to improve overeall client retention. The transformation process involved six critical workflows:

  1. Ticket management: A well-defined ticket management process helps ensure that all issues are logged, prioritized, and assigned to the appropriate technicians promptly. This can lead to faster resolution times and improved client satisfaction.

  2. Incident prioritization: Establishing clear priority levels for incidents helps technicians and clients understand which issues need immediate attention and which can be addressed later. This can contribute to better resource allocation and faster response times for critical issues.

  3. Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Implementing SLAs with clearly defined response and resolution times can help set client expectations and hold service providers accountable for meeting those expectations.

  4. Regular communication and updates: Keeping clients informed of progress on their issues through regular updates and communication can help build trust and manage expectations. This can be facilitated through automated notifications, status reports, and real-time dashboards.

  5. Knowledge management: A centralized knowledge base can help technicians quickly access relevant information, allowing them to troubleshoot and resolve issues more efficiently. This can contribute to faster resolution times and a more consistent service experience for clients.

  6. Client onboarding and offboarding: Streamlined onboarding and offboarding processes can help ensure a smooth transition for new clients, setting a strong foundation for a positive working relationship. Offboarding procedures can also help maintain a professional relationship with departing clients, leaving the door open for potential future collaborations.

By incorporating these and other streamlined workflows into their operations, KRS IT improved service delivery, enhanced client satisfaction, and ultimately increased client retention. 

"Having experts like SPG who’ll actually sit down to review and analyze your tech environment is so valuable. I was really impressed with the level of care and time they dedicated to carefully looking through our setup."

The Results

Transforming Day-to-Day Operations with SPG's Expertise and ConnectWise Integration

Before collaborating with SPG, Josiv admits that many daily operations at KRS were "slipping through the cracks." However, with SPG's assistance, KRS has successfully integrated essential workflows and standardized procedures, leading to a more systematic service delivery. A notable outcome of this transformation was the establishment of incident priority levels, which significantly benefited both clients and the KRS team.

  • Happier clients: Clients now have a clearer understanding of KRS's ticket prioritization and expected resolution times, which has improved both client retention and CSAT scores, reaching approximately 91%.

  • Happier service techs: With the new system in place, the KRS team no longer faces unexpected service issues around the clock, resulting in a healthier work environment and reduced stress levels. "Our team is a lot happier," Josiv shares.

  • Increased client retention: With the implementation of streamlined workflows and standardized procedures, KRS has been able to deliver a more consistent and reliable service to its clients. This enhanced service quality has led to increased client satisfaction, and in turn, higher client retention rates. Clients are more likely to stay with KRS due to their trust in the company's ability to effectively manage and resolve incidents, which ultimately contributes to the MSP's long-term success and growth.

Josiv highlights the substantial impact of these changes: "The outcome was massive in terms of providing a positive support experience to our clients. It's also helped us tremendously from a growth perspective. We can ensure reliable reporting, accurate billing, and timely communications."

Recognizing ConnectWise as a vast platform with countless capabilities, KRS acknowledges that it will take some time to unlock the system's full potential. By partnering with SPG on a ConnectWise Manage PSA Improvement Project , the company can take advantage of a continuous process of refining existing workflows and implementing new ones. As KRS grows and evolves, so will their ConnectWise processes, with SPG as their partner "at each step of the way."

"SPG ultimately ensures our team can provide that high level of care and support to keep clients very happy. And that ensures our continued growth as a company in the right direction."

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