ICTechnology Boosts Efficiency by 20% with On-Demand CW Automate Consulting

AU$300,000/Year Saved

SPG eliminates the need to hire a team of specialists

20+% Technician Efficiency

ICTechnology outsources several workloads to SPG

20+ Hours/Month Saved

Implemented automation to shave off 1 hour/per day

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Learn how ICTechnology partners with Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) to outsource their ConnectWise Automate workflows, leading to lifted efficiency at a fraction of the cost. 


About ICTechnology

Based in Sydney, the team at ICTechnology has decades of experience supporting IT and network infrastructure for SMBs nationwide. With a flat-rate, pay-by-the-month policy, this Australian MSP prides itself on delivering high-quality managed services, cloud services, and cybersecurity at the best pricing. 


The Problem
Implementing ConnectWise Automate Without an Expert Can Lead To Many Challenges

Like many MSPs, ICTechnology excitedly purchased ConnectWise Automate and onboarded — only to realize they’d received zero guidance on how best to configure the technology. “It is a mammoth of an application,” admits Bilal El-Jamal, Technical Team Lead at ICTechnology. 

They struggled to work on essential functions like automation, patch management, and security. With this, Bilal questioned whether it made sense to advertise ConnectWise as part of ICTechnology’s support model at all. The MSP eventually enlisted a few freelancers and vendors that promised to optimize their ConnectWise experience — but failed to deliver. 

The Solution
Instead of hiring full-time specialists, work with SPG at a fraction of the cost

Bilal discovered SPG organically on Reddit, where our services came highly recommended. He soon reached out – “we clicked straight away,” he remembers — for two key reasons. 

  1. After the sales pitch, SPG followed through on its promised services and expertise, which Bilal found “really refreshing.” 
  2. SPG’s team comprises experts who’ve been through the ranks at ConnectWise, so we know the tech and its common user frustrations well. 

Post-onboarding, Bilal emphasizes that ConnectWise is not the kind of software a regular technician can configure well in a few days. Especially as you scale to 2,000+ endpoints across your client base, it could require a full team of DevOps to get the job done. Thanks to SPG, what would’ve taken Bilal two weeks in ConnectWise took two days. 

For a fixed monthly price, SPG has both streamlined and shouldered ICTechnology’s workload by optimizing ConnectWise Automate for client needs, monitoring automated servers, ensuring there are enough resources to service requests, and much more. 

“We’re not just paying for a single technician. There are multiple resources that are available and unlocked for us thanks to SPG. We’re essentially paying for a team of expert ConnectWise technicians and their huge pool of knowledge.” 

The Results
Achieving Tangible Benefits and Building a Valuable Partnership with SPG

Since partnering up with SPG, ICTechnology has enjoyed three trackable outcomes: 

  • AU$300,000 saved annually: ICTechnology couldn’t have hired any tech with a computer science degree or an MSP background. They needed a team of tried-and-true ConnectWise specialists, which, without SPG, would’ve cost AU$100,000 each in salary. 

  • 20+% boost in technician efficiency: Let’s say Microsoft issues a critical server patch. Bilal can call up SPG, and it’ll get turned around in a day. ICTechnology has outsourced numerous workloads to SPG, leading to a tech efficiency boost of at least 20%. 

  • More hours to refocus on what matters: SPG enables the team at ICTechnology to both outsource and dramatically simplify workloads. As a result, they’ve reclaimed more of their time to focus on what truly matters: servicing clients and growing the company. 

Looking forward, ICTechnology is amped to continue partnering with SPG — not only for the metrics, but also a genuine partnership that’s rare in the MSP space. As they’re based in Australia, they’ve lacked adequate support from ConnectWise. SPG has more than stepped up to the task, providing platform support as well as leveraging network connections at ConnectWise. Ultimately, Bilal affirms, “Having a team like SPG behind you is great.” 

“Thanks to SPG, our ConnectWise Automate system is expertly installed. We just send the command, and off you go. Our technicians no longer spend as much time on servers or applying fixes and patches. Instead of being reactive, they can focus on being proactive.” 

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