How Kotori accelerated ticket resolution by 48 hours with Sierra Pacific Group

24 automations

Built 24 workflow automations to enforce quality of completed tickets.

48 hours

Accelerated ticket resolution by 48 hours to keep single-digit service boards.

300% ROI

Streamlined multiple screens of statuses and work types to drive 300% ROI.

“The Sierra Pacific team was quick, efficient, and highly effective. They even trained our service desk teams and developed great training materials that we use for onboarding to this day.” 

Derek Iannelli-Smith, COO of Kotori Technologies

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Case Study

Learn how Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) overhauled Kotori’s ConnectWise Manage system to eliminate slowdowns in delivery service and improve company-wide visibility and reporting.



Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Kotori provides innovative cybersecurity and managed IT services to hundreds of clients across health care, government, manufacturing, and more. After their ConnectWise Manage system had gone unaddressed for years, they turned to Sierra Pacific Group to right the ship.

The Problem

Kotori’s ConnectWise system was overly complex and reduced efficiency

As long-time ConnectWise users, the team at Kotori knew their way around the platform. However, their system had also grown into a “monster,” says Derek Iannelli-Smith, COO of Kotori.

There were years of templates, status names, work types, service boards, and more cluttering the system. Rather than helping their business, ConnectWise slowed it down and frustrated the team. Overwhelmed by the overhaul that was clearly needed, Kotori turned to SPG for help.

The Solution

Identify and effectively unblock where ConnectWise slowed service delivery

SPG kicked off by learning every inch of Kotori as a company and analyzing where exactly clutter slowed service delivery. In Derek’s words, this discovery process got straight to the roots of Kotori’s pain points and helped redesign their ConnectWise strategy. From there, Kotori and SPG worked together closely to implement two key changes:

  1. Consolidate and standardize their platform organization
  2. Reduce task completion times along their service workflow

To ensure long-term, effective adoption, SPG tested how these solutions worked within Kotori’s everyday business ops, documented the updated classification systems and processes in a reference guide, and even provided end-user training to Kotori’s service desk team. Kotori still trains new hires with those onboarding materials today.

The process by Sierra Pacific is basically, ‘What do you need? Here’s what we’ve found out. Here’s a solution. How is this working for you?

The Results

Since working with SPG, the Kotori team tells us, “Long story short: Our efficiency and effectiveness have greatly increased.” Some of their biggest wins include:

  1. Accelerated ticket resolution — With SPG’s improved workflows, Kotori can resolve tickets quickly enough to keep their service boards within the single digits — something Derek says they had never been able to do.
  2. Improved company-wide visibility— Derek can finally make sense of the metrics and reports in ConnectWise. That means greater visibility into the business and the ability to steer properly and course-correct when needed.
After our partnership with Sierra Pacific, we have gone from ‘Holy cow, what is this storm I’m looking at?’ to clear reports and useful ConnectWise data.

The Future

Looking forward, Kotori plans to keep the momentum of their new-and-improved service delivery going. They’ve already reinvested in their partnership with SPG.

Their next priority? Building out strategies for ConnectWise Automate to reduce workloads for Kotori’s service technologists, increase bandwidth, and free up resources to double down on scaling their business.

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