How Sierra Pacific Group helped Quicktech boost client retention by 30%

400+ hours saved

Recalibrated alerts reporting.

30% retention boost

Increased retention via proactive detection.

1,200+ hours saved

Automated scripts to offload manual tasks.

“The team at SPG have been great to work with. There’s an incredible wealth of knowledge among all of the staff. Their ability to think creatively and beyond our initial requests alleviated the what-ifs we hadn’t thought of.”

Dustin Cassar, Director of Technology & Business Development at Quicktech

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Case Study

Learn how Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) revived Quicktech’s N‑central platform to eliminate false reporting, enable proactive client support, and automate time-consuming workflows.



Since 1998, Quicktech has been Vancouver’s premier provider of managed IT services, infrastructure consulting, and cloud security for SMBs. When their SolarWinds N‑central platform grew swamped by false alerts and tickets, Quicktech turned to SPG for an expert overhaul of the system.

The Problem

Quicktech first implemented N‑central in 2016. Half a decade later, the platform failed to keep up. Their team often received false alerts due to incorrect thresholds and priority statuses.

They also struggled to automate time-consuming workflows like monitoring, Windows feature updates, and patching. According to Dustin Cassar, Quicktech’s Director of Technology & BD, they stopped trusting N‑central altogether since its reporting and automation were so unreliable.

The Solution

Design custom solutions to reduce service workloads

After identifying the gaps in Quicktech’s N‑central setup, SPG led two major reconfigurations.

  1. Accurate client monitoring — SPG quickly recalibrated Quicktech’s monitoring and reporting frameworks, helping eliminate the noise of false-positive alerts.
  2. Automating high-lift workflows — SPG led Quicktech on projects to automate and streamline repetitive tasks in high-lift workflows, such as client onboarding.

Dustin emphasized SPG’s dedication to white-glove service throughout the entire collaboration. When Quicktech needed custom N‑central displays or a unique client-tracking function, the SPG team rolled up their sleeves to create tailored, out-of-the-box solutions.

We made it hard for SPG since we had separate, client-specific NOC boards to work with. Yet, they still managed to design amazing, out-of-the-box solutions to work around N‑central’s shortcomings.

The Results

Since partnering with SPG, the team at Quicktech has enjoyed three major benefits.

  1. Proactive client services — Quicktech can finally cut through the noise of false alerts to proactively detect and address issues as they appear in client networks.
  2. Boosts in efficiency & productivity — With SPG’s guidance, Quicktech successfully automated and offloaded several manual tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity from service techs.
  3. Seamless hand-off to end users — Dustin called Quicktech’s new scripts and monitors “thoroughly detailed and documented.” As a result, the service tech training and deployment have been effortless.
SPG helped us deploy projects that had been on our to-do list for years. Knowing the results, I can’t believe we didn’t ask for help sooner.

The Future

Looking forward, Quicktech will be focusing their reclaimed time and bandwidth on scaling the business. SPG continues to optimize their N‑central platform wherever possible, automating new workflows to further reduce workloads and enable total dedication to company growth.

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