How Terminal B saved 400 hours with Sierra Pacific Group’s automated scripts

156 endpoints

Created 156 endpoints without hiring.

12+ billable hours

Increased billable hours per technician.

400 hours saved

Deployed automated scripts to shorten setup.

“We’re about 18 months into our partnership with SPG. I simply will never stop working with them.”

Greg Bibeau, Managing Director of Terminal B

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Case Study

Learn how Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) redesigned Terminal B’s ConnectWise setup for more automated, remote workflows that boost efficiency and profitability.



For over 15 years, Terminal B has serviced Central Texas businesses with vital desktop support, data center ops, and end-to-end infrastructure consulting and management. After outgrowing their existing ConnectWise Automate setup, Terminal B trusted SPG to conduct a much-needed overhaul.

The Problem

Terminal B realized their initial ConnectWise Automate implementation couldn’t keep up with their evolved service delivery. Patches failed to implement, alerting was inaccurate, and they’d waste time chasing those false alerts. Without someone to own and optimize their Automate setup, Terminal B would definitely run into these roadblocks over and over again.

The Solution

Eliminate inaccuracies & automate repetitive workflows

Right off the bat, SPG helped Terminal B make two reconfigurations to their ConnectWise Automate framework.

  1. Alerts & monitoring— SPG quickly recalibrated Terminal B’s setup for monitoring client systems. This dramatically reduced instances of false-positive alerts.
  2. Automated workflows — SPG identified repetitive tasks in Terminal B’s workflows that could be performed by Automate. These include proactive, around-the-clock monitoring and a new-and-improved function for automatic patching.

SPG also ensured Terminal B could take full advantage of the RMM software they paid for. The two teams created new automations for streamlining workstation deployment, which enabled Terminal B to update clients’ Windows workstations remotely and save time and money by reducing on-site visits.

The Results

Overall, SPG corrected alert thresholds, streamlined monitoring and reporting, and created multiple automations and scripts. As a result, the Terminal B team was now able to:

  1. Save roughly 2 hours on every desktop deployment
  2. Ramp total managed endpoints from 850 to 1,006 — without any new hires
  3. Increase profitability through new remote workflows and reduced on-site visits

The bulk of SPG’s work is done, but they continue to support Terminal B by owning their ConnectWise Automate projects, troubleshooting as needed, and optimizing whenever possible.

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