How Sierra Pacific Group helped Terminal B reduce accounting workload by 90%

90% reduced workload

Cut monthly accounting workflow from three days down to two hours.

100+ hours saved

Old process & configuration replaced with scalable integrated systems.

$24k saved per year

Streamlined accounting and reduction in manual tasks led to cost savings.

“The Sierra Pacific team was quick, efficient, and highly effective. They even trained our service desk teams and developed great training materials that we use for onboarding to this day.” 

Greg Bibeau, Founder & CEO of Terminal B

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Case Study

Learn how Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) delivered custom optimizations to Terminal B’s ConnectWise Manage and Automate systems, eliminating hours of systems maintenance work.



Based in Texas, Terminal B has delivered top-tier cybersecurity, compliance, and process management to clients nationwide for over 15 years. Whether you operate in the construction, engineering, or legal sector, Terminal B brings IT solutions to the table to streamline your ops and ultimately boost your bottom line.

The Problem

Terminal B’s ConnectWise system had built up 10+ years of inefficiencies

The Terminal B team initially purchased ConnectWise Manage and Automate back in 2008. In the words of Greg Bibeau, Founder & CEO of Terminal B, “It is a very beefy piece of software.” They never received guidance on how to properly configure their setup, so it ran untouched for over a decade, building up system inefficiencies all the while.

When they realized the severity of the issue, Terminal B brought on contractors to fill in the gaps, but they were ultimately ineffective and sometimes flat-out unresponsive. Terminal B needed the reliable execution of a firm, which brought them to Sierra Pacific Group.

The Solution

Leverage SPG’s expertise for tailored, long-term ConnectWise solutions

First and foremost, Greg highlights the depth of ConnectWise knowledge that SPG brings to the table. Unlike competing providers, SPG doesn’t only execute projects. “They offer a dialogue,” says Greg, which enables truly tailored guidance and solutions for Manage and Automate. SPG’s breadth of experience in the space also means they know how to avoid common pitfalls in MSP tech and enforce best practices for longevity.

For instance, SPG drove home the fact that ConnectWise Manage is useless without proper workflows. If you don’t configure ticket tracking, alerts, and other triggers to ensure you meet SLAs, that manual maintenance drags down your team. So, SPG overhauled their Manage setup to create logistical workflows that work for Terminal B — not the other way around.

If we don’t optimize ConnectWise internally, that’s when things build up and blow up. We end up working harder instead of smarter. Over time, SPG has helped us evolve from that significantly.

The Results

In Greg’s words, “Every team should have someone who knows how to work ConnectWise.” For Terminal B, SPG fills that role and delivers the impact of a full-time specialist — but in a fraction of the time and at better cost. The strongest outcomes driven by SPG include:

    1. Automating monthly invoicing — Prior to SPG, Terminal B was not billing through ConnectWise. Today, what used to take three full days of manual billing and reconciliations has been automated down to two hours of work per month.
    2. Effortless Automate scripts— ConnectWise Automate is most powerful when you’re actively utilizing scripts. Instead of writing scripts from scratch and debugging them in production, Terminal B can simply utilize SPG’s library of vetted Automate scripts.

Ultimately, since SPG optimized their ConnectWise Manage and Automate systems, Terminal B has saved hours upon hours of work. Now, their team wastes fewer resources on internal system maintenance and refocus on what matters: delivering top-of-the-line client services.

ConnectWise is a very, very complex piece of software. I can either have my staff working on our internal systems or focused on working on client systems. And SPG has filled in those gaps. It’s been an incredibly valuable relationship for us.
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