Executive Coaching

If you want to take your business to the next level, executive coaching helps you build a leadership team that is prepared for growth, and a business foundation that is set to scale. Implementing frameworks like EOS or SLIQ processes and operating systems will help your leadership team get better at instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout your business.
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Have an EOS implementor guide you through the adoption of the EOS model
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Fortification of your technology business’s foundation in preparation for rapid growth
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Cultivate the leadership skills needed to instill focus, discipline, and accountability throughout your organization

There are no shortcuts to growth, but we can help you step on the gas.

If it was easy to scale, everyone would do it. We have a proven process to help identify what is holding you back, implement solutions that will help you to continuously grow, and teach leadership practices ensuring you have the tools to always navigate your business towards success.
  • Stop stumbling forward, chart your defined path to success  
  • Identify your obstacles and create a plan to overcome them
  • Strengthen your technology business’s foundation so it can support your growth
  • Hone your leadership skills, improving your ability to guide your team forward  
  • Adopt proven frameworks like EOS and SLIQ with an accredited mentor
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E-N Computers

E-N Computers is a leading provider of Technology Services to small to medium-sized businesses throughout Virginia and DC. Our company specializes in technology managed services, technology planning, and systems design, integration & implementation.

  • Have more internal data via performance KPIs for better decision making
  • Promoted two new leaders
  • Increased leadership communication and ability to make big decisions faster
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Executive Coaching Done-For-You

  • State of the Business Assessment: We calculate your business’s maturity, identify where your competitors are beating you out, define your long-term goals, and appoint an “integrator” for accountability
  • Operational Focus: We help you break down your goals into timely and manageable tasks to accomplish quarterly
  • Accountability Culture: Starting at the top we work with your leadership team to create an accountability process in order to define expectations and timelines
  • Tracking and Awarding Success: Increasing the visibility of your progress through an executive scorecard provides you with a snapshot of your weekly and monthly progress and success
  • Quarterly Reflections: We designate time for you to facilitate a quarterly summit to update your vision and goals to be relevant in today’s industry and climate 

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