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It’s one thing to build and configure the tools, it is another to use them to grow your technology business. We help you define your operational processes, measure their success, and systemize your team’s workloads to craft a best-in-class service delivery team.
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A detailed assessment of your service delivery with a plan to fill in any gaps, define your processes, and automate repeated tasks
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Expert mentorship and training throughout the integration of your new service delivery plan
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Creation of measurable performance indicators to track progress and identify success

Your service is what defines your technology business, you won’t survive unless it is best-in-class

Our expert team has built out best practice processes to create a scalable framework for organization and efficiency. We get you to this starting point and then work with you one on one to customize these processes further to fit your business perfectly. Along the way we show you how to implement specific KPIs to measure the process’s success and highlight areas that need improvement.
  • Identify and remove the roadblocks keeping you from providing the best service
  • Stop the cycle of reacting to client needs and learn how to anticipate them
  • Define your processes for successful and consistent service delivery from your entire team
  • Save time and money by implementing automations for repeated tasks
  • Understand your team’s efficiency with performance metric reporting
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After letting their system snowball for years, Kotori was ready to hit reset on their ConnectWise Manage platform. We were able to dig through their platform, implement simplified classifications while reworking their processes for efficiency. Already reaping the benefits of our solutions, they are reinvesting to improve service delivery even further with ConnectWise Automate.

  • Went from double digit service board to single digits
  • Workflows ensure completed tickets process through the service boards correctly
  • Simplified the multiple scrolling screens of statuses and work types to one short list
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Service Operations Done For You

  • Service Process Evaluation: We work with you to generate a baseline of your service delivery success and the efficiency of the current processes in place. From there we can highlight areas where tasks are slipping through the cracks.
  • Configuration: Through weekly meetings we tackle each process one by one ensuring its effectiveness, defining what KPIs we will use to measure its success and any customizations needed to make it work better for your business.
  • Implementation: We handle the process implementation, providing you with documentation to help onboard your staff to the new processes and adhere to them.  We stay available to you through the entire implementation, coaching you through it.
  • Optimization Review: Once your new processes are up and running, we help you track and interpret the KPIs that were put in place. During your review calls we can help you identify if there are any hiccups and how to adjust to eliminate them.

Our Processes

  • Triage Process
  • SLA Process
  • Project Management Process
  • Dispatch Process
  • On Call Process
  • Sales Hand-off Process
  • Escalation Process
  • Ticket Approval Process
  • Project Client Communication Process
  • Ticket Management Process
  • Change Management Process
  • Procurement Process
  • Ticket Quality Assurance Two-Step Close Process
  • Major Problem Management Process
  • And more!
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