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Whether you just purchased ConnectWise or have used it for years, now is the time to get a better return on investment.

We have projects to implement and improve your ConnectWise PSA, CPQ, and RMM systems (cloud or on-prem) - to ensure you are getting the maximum return on your ConnectWise investment!

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Save Hundreds of Hours 
Automated workflows save our clients an avg of 400+ hours

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Increase Revenue
Service new clients/endpoints without hiring additional staff

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Hold People Accountable
Make better decisions with accurate reporting for KPIS & Financials


When You Work With Our ConnectWise Manage PSA Consulting Experts, you will experience the following Results:

  • Streamlined Sales, Service, and Finance Operations: Streamline sales, ticket processes, and billing/invoicing through ConnectWise Manage with automated workflows and integrations to QuickBooks
  • More Accurate Reporting for Better Business Decisions: Configuring work roles/work types and developing time tracking policies will allow you to finally trust your agreement profitiability reports
  • Save Hundreds of Hours with Process Adherence: We train and mentor your team to execute on more efficient processes, helping your business experience true efficeincy and hundreds of hours saved

When You Work With Our ConnectWise Sell CPQ Consulting Experts, you will experience the following Results:

  • Take on More Clients Without Hiring Additional Staff: Streamline your sales to service processes and automate manual tasks, allowing you to get more from your people and grow organically 
  • Close More Business with High Converting Templates: Our ConnectWise Sell Consultants will walk you through the input of standardized language, products, and services that can be pulled together to create high converting proposals and quotes
  • Predict Revenue with Better Sales Reports: We define the process and provide a custom quote form, ensuring that opportunity to quote creation and delivery to customer approval are recorded and tracked with accurate reproting


When You Work With Our ConnectWise Automate RMM Consulting Experts, you will experience the following Results:

  • Save Hundreds of Hours with Custom PowerShell Scripting : We lay the foundation by identifying the core items needed in order to build ConnectWise Automate and Control into a powerhouse for your business 
  • Improve Client Retention with Actionable Alerting: Our ConnectWise Automate RMM Consultants work with your techs to understand client needs to create 100% actionable alerts
  • Ensure 95% Patch Compliance: Our RMM consulting experts remove and adjust Microsoft and supported 3rd Party patch approval policies asthe business grows and matures

Increase profitability with better reporting
from your connectwise systems

Making the right financial decisions for your IT business can be impossible without accurate reports.
Sierra Pacific Group can help you make more informed decisions with ConnectWise system optimization,
so you can grow, scale, and increase profitability.

More Accurate Forecasting and Budgeting: Access to historical financial data allows IT/MSPs to identify trends, project future revenue and expenses, and create precise budgets using ConnectWise Manage PSA.

Improved Cash Flow Management: With better visibility into revenue, expenses, and outstanding invoices, optimizing your ConnectWise PSA platform can assist IT/MSPs in managing cash flow effectively, ensuring they have the necessary funds to meet financial goals.

Real-Time Financial Insights: An optimized ConnectWise Manage PSA platform provides immediate access to up-to-date financial data, allowing IT/MSPs to make informed decisions and quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

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Meet KRS IT.

We kicked off with an in-depth, end-to-end review of their ConnectWise PSA, which KRS had never experienced before.

SPG found a number of entry points to optimize their service delivery processes, and prioritized items accordingly based on short-term vs. long-term goals.

One of our biggest ROI contributors was reconfiguring KRS’s QuickBooks integration, starting with general ledger mappings.

Today, KRS enjoys accurate reporting and precise monthly earnings by account. 

IC Technology

Post-onboarding, Bilal emphasizes that ConnectWise is not the kind of software a regular technician can configure well in a few days. Especially as you scale to 2,000+ endpoints across your client base, it could require a full team of DevOps to get the job done. Thanks to SPG, what would’ve taken Bilal two weeks in ConnectWise took two days.

AU$300,000 saved annually — ICTechnology couldn’t have hired any tech with a computer science degree or an MSP background. They needed a team of tried-and-true ConnectWise specialists, which, without SPG, would’ve cost AU$100,000 each in salary.

20+% boost in technician efficiency — Let’s say Microsoft issues a critical server patch. Bilal can call up SPG, and it’ll get turned around in a day. ICTechnology has outsourced numerous workloads to SPG, leading to a tech efficiency boost of at least 20%.

Terminal B

In Greg’s words, “Every team should have someone who knows how to work ConnectWise.” For Terminal B, SPG fills that role and delivers the impact of a full-time RMM administrator — but for a fraction of the cost. The strongest outcomes driven by SPG include:

Automating monthly invoicing — Prior to SPG, Terminal B was not billing through ConnectWise. Today, what used to take 3 full days of manual billing and reconciliations has been automated to 2 hours of work per month!

Effortless Automate scripts— ConnectWise Automate is most powerful when you’re actively utilizing scripts. Instead of writing scripts from scratch and debugging them in production, Terminal B can simply utilize SPG’s library of vetted Automate scripts, developed by PowerShell experts and  our experienced consulting team.

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Whether it’s bookkeeping or ConnectWise troubleshooting, Brian emphasizes that SPG is always ready and equipped to provide tailored, results-driven support. Instead of struggling to manage ConnectWise admin and financials in-house, the Accellis team can bring in trusted outside experts — and reap all of the benefits with less lift.

Reduced 30 hours per week in managed IT labor — Invoicing that used to take him 2–3 days of work has now been cut down to 2–3 hours — thanks to automation. Now, they leverage that saved time to provide clients with more enhanced services and personalized support, meaning more billable hours.

Automate Tedious managed IT tasks — SPG worked alongside the Accellis team to comb through their ConnectWise environment and create numerous automated workflows. One time-saving script automates ticket handling after status updates.

Bayou Tech

Bayou Tech is a true ConnectWise shop. The CEO of Bayou says his company lost money because they struggled to optimize ConnectWise Manage PSA. Victor emphasizes that SPG has profoundly improved Bayou Tech’s efficiency, scalability, and ability to operate smoothly from end to end. For the reasonable cost of SPG, he feels like he’s “hired the CTO of ConnectWise.”

Savings of $50,000 annually - SPG costs $2,000 per month vs. a $75,000 full-time hire. Rather than hiring a full-time PSA expert, Bayou can pay far less for an entire team of experts at SPG to answer their questions whenever they have them. 

Maximizing ROI on ConnectWise — SPG helped Bayou understand precisely what they’re paying for, demonstrated the best ways to utilize the software, and passed on insider tips and tricks. This justifies the cost of the tool while improving offerings for Bayou clients.

We specialize in "hands on" system configuration
To Bring Your Vision To Life

We are different from other ConnectWise consulting firms in the channel. Every consultant at Sierra Pacific Group is a ConnectWise expert, who has "been there" and "done that". We are REAL consultants.

Our experience is your competitive advantage.

We don't simply point you in the direction of videos or KB articles. We work with you and your team to understand your vision, develop proven processes, configure your system to support the changes, and automate the manual work!

If you are looking for a knowledgable team who can execute, not just provide consulting services - SPG is the ConnectWise consulting group for your managed service business.


  • ConnectWise Manage/Sell Improvement Projects
  • ConnectWise Automate/CW RMM Improvement Projects
  • Migration Projects
  • Integration Projects 
  • PSA Administration Services
  • RMM Administration Services
  • ConnectWise Consulting Services


After letting their system snowball for years, Kotori was ready to hit reset on their ConnectWise Manage PSA platform. We were able to dig through their platform and implement simplified classifications while reworking their processes for efficiency.

  • Streamlined multiple screens of statuses and work types to drive 300% ROI
  • Accelerated ticket resolution by 48 hours to keep single-digit service boards
  • Built 24 workflow automations to enforce quality of completed tickets
Case study


After long nights and weekends of pulling out his hair to get ConnectWise customized to fit Surveillance Secure's goals, President Kim Hartman decided he needed expert help. Sierra Pacific Group was there to assist with white glove services!

"Working with Sierra Pacific Group helped me to streamline our entire business. I was able to focus on growing our business and setting up our first franchise, instead of pulling out my hair on weekends trying to get ConnectWise set up." - Kim Hartman

Case study


Terminal B realized their initial ConnectWise Automate implementation couldn’t keep up with their evolved service delivery. Patches failed to implement, alerting was inaccurate, and they’d waste time chasing those false alerts. Without someone to own and optimize their Automate setup, Terminal B would definitely run into these roadblocks over and over again.

  • 400 hours saved with the deployment of automated scripts
  • Increase billable hours by 12+ per tech
  • Shaved 2 hours off their desktop set up and delivery process
Case study

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