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What is Virtual Administration?

Do you have a full-time dedicated PSA Systems Admin, RMM Systems Admin, or Accounting Systems Admin (Bookkeeper) on staff? If the answer is "no",  Virtual Administration might be a great option for your business!

With virtual administration you get a team of expert consultants on-call to perform any executory tasks needed across your business, as well as resources to reach out to for support questions. We don't just respond with links to KB articles, we provide 1:1 consulting sessions and step-by-step solutions to help you achieve your goals. In some cases, we just configure the system for you to fix the issue!


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72-Hour Response Time Get help for your support or admin needs quickly and efficiently 
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Meet 1:1 with Tenured Consultants Unlimited requests for one predictible monthly fee

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Execution When You Need It Turn your vision into a reality with our team of executionary experts

What value does outsourcing administrative services
Bring to my IT/MSP business?

Growing IT/MSP businesses greatly benefit from having more staff on hand to handle increasing client demands, but the expenses that go into hiring and supporting more full-time employees can add up quickly.

This limits the potential for growth and slows any momentum that your company has built. Some companies may take a gamble and hire new staff, only to find that gambling doesn’t always pay off. Rather than growing slowly, they’ve reversed their growth. 

Outsource the work to SPG, and ensure that your company maintains steady growth while keeping the core of your team focused on internal tasks. 


  • Add capacity to your team 
  • Focus on future work
  • Spend less time training internal staff
  • Reduce burden and overhead costs
  • Provide executory resources to team leads
  • Get more done with less people
  • Grow rapidly
  • Maintain company focus
  • Retain flexability 

PSA Systems

The most successful technology businesses set specific, achievable business objectives. However, to achieve those objectives, you need solid, repeatable processes and the ability to manage those for results to get your company there.

  • Better ROI, business scalability, and team agility
  • Actionable sales information, improved service delivery, and solid reporting & financial information
  • The ability to make intelligent business decisions based on data and achievements
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RMM Systems

Automating systems for better client outcomes has become the new critical success factor for technology service leaders. We can help by developing standard and custom PowerShell scripting, customized to your needs and the needs of your clients.

  • Get better return on your staff through more automation, more endpoints per technician, more efficient use of your talent
  • Add a skilled resource to your team to help implement best practices
  • Get a single point of accountability that will help get the maximum return on your investments
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Finance systems

Employing a full time bookkeeper is essential for every IT/MSP business. But, most bookkeepers don't understand ConnectWise Products or Managed Services agreements. We do the AR, AP, and month end for a fraction of the cost of an internal bookkeeper!

  • Added 156 new endpoints without hiring
  • Gained ability to handle onsite work remotely
  • Shaved 2 hours off their desktop set up and delivery process
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When is the "right time" to purchase admin services?

  • Foundation Set Up & Discover Process: Our consultants take the time to get to know your business and build your CW Manage platform to fit it
  • Finance Set Up & Review: Get ready to handle agreements, billing, and invoicing through CW Manage
  • Service Set Up & Review: Elevate your service module to best practice for functionality, time tracking, project management, and ticket processing
  • Sales Set Up & Review: Streamline your sales to service process through setup of the sales module and utilization of features that can automate your sales process
  • End User Training: We educate you and your team on along the way and then stick around to ensure you have become self-sufficient
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When is the "right time" to purchase admin services?

  • Business Process Review: By defining the pain points in your business operations and sales process we can better leverage ConnectWise sell to bring you success 
  • Systems Configuration & Administration: We customize the ConnectWise Sell platform to your business needs and share best practice and industry knowledge for configuration and set up a branded order porter page
  • Input Template Session: Once configured we help put the meat on the bones- walking you through the input of standardized language, products, and services that can be pulled together to create quotes
  • Sales Workflow: We define the process and provide a custom quote form, ensuring that from opportunity to quote creation and delivery to customer approval all pertinent updates and information are recorded and tracked with bi-reporting 
  • End User Training: Once defined, we train your team on the sales workflow and leverage your ConnectWise Sell platform
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When is the "right time" to purchase admin services?

  • Foundation Set Up & Discover Process: We lay the foundation by identifying the core items needed in order to build ConnectWise Automate and Control into a powerhouse for your business 
  • Configuration: Our Consultants review and set up your Automate and Control platforms to best practice for functionality, flexibility, security, patching, and usability
  • Integrations: Both ConnectWise Automate and Control require configuration to talk to the other ConnectWise tools, we get them seamlessly integrated with one another
  • Extensions & Plug-ins: If any third-party extensions or plug-ins are desired, we can help link them to your platform 
  • Production & Deployment: We put your new platform into action by onboarding your staff, assisting with client onboardings, handling probe configuration, GPO design (when needed) and patching 
  • Deployment Review: Your business is unique; once we are up and running, we look for places to further optimize for better success
  • End User Training: We teach you how to use these tools, we have a library of scripts and Best Practices available to you.
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