N-Able N-Central

N-Able N-Central is a productivity powerhouse but is extremely challenging to set up and integrate into your service delivery. We can remove the time, hassle, and frustration. Our expert RMM consultants can guide you through the setup, building, testing, deploying, and maintenance of the N-Able N-Central platform.

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Automate repeated tasks to cut down on your tech’s workloads
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Have service tickets autogenerate in response to network or device health alerts
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Customize dashboards and reports to better monitor your client’s network health 

N-able N-Central Allows You To Handle More Then You Ever Thought Possible

Your RMM should reduce your workload, not add more to it.  Let us configure N-able N-Central while you worry about how to refill your tech’s workloads after we cut it in half.  The ROI you will experience will pay for this process and then some.
  • Resolve tickets faster with information at your fingertips and robust remote support 
  • Onboard, configure, or patch hundreds of devices with powerful automation tools 
  • Improve customer uptime with proactive alerts and self-healing capabilities 
  • Customize scripts to meet specific customer or device-type needs 
  • Improve technician efficiency, customer retention, and service margins
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Once bombarded by false alerts and tickets, Quicktech has an N-able platform that they can trust, and that reduces their workload instead of adding to it. As Director of Technology & Business Development, Dustin Cassar, said SPG was able to think creatively to create solutions to alleviate the what-ifs he hadn’t thought of.” Now instead of chasing false-positive alerts, Quicktech has increased its workload capacity and is looking to scale.

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N-Able N-Central Scope Of Work

  • Foundation Set Up & Fit to Business: We lay the foundation by identifying the core items needed to build N-Central into a powerhouse for your business 
  • Configuration: Our Consultants review and set up your N-able platform to best practice for functionality, flexibility, security, patching, and usability 
  • Integrations: N-able requires configuration to talk to other systems and solutions, we get them seamlessly integrated with one another 
  • Production & Deployment: We put your new platform into action by onboarding your staff, assisting with client onboardings, handling probe configuration, GPO design (when needed) and patching 
  • Deployment Review: Your business is unique; once we are up and running, we look for places to further optimize for better success 
  • End User Documentation: We teach you how to use these tools, we have a curriculum of online workshops sessions for your team to complete

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