Our Proven Process



Our Proven Process for Building a Successful, Scalable and Growing Technology Business
  • Rein in the chaos of a rapidly-growing technology business. 
  • Develop a team that’s enrolled in industry proven processes.
  • Engage the right strategies to properly scale your teams.
  • Implement a strategic plan to optimize and build your systems.

Where Technology Meets Strategy: Perfecting PSA, CPQ, and RMM Systems


Sierra Pacific Group's proven process bridges the gap between technology and strategy, expertly optimizing PSA, CPQ, and RMM systems. We navigate through exploration to support, focusing on understanding your unique needs, implementing innovative solutions, and fostering sustainable success. We're your dedicated partner for driving continuous improvement and innovation in these 8 key steps, ensuring your investments translate into impactful, long-term results.

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Step 1 - Explore

The initial phase of exploration is about building relationships, understanding your needs and goals, and determining a suitable fit. We get acquainted with your team, familiarize ourselves with your business requirements, and introduce you to the tools and approaches we use. This ensures a mutual fit and lays a solid foundation for the rest of the consulting process.

  • Meet and Get Acquainted
  • Identify Needs and Goals
  • Understand Tools
  • Determine Fit

Step 2 - On-boarding

During the on-boarding phase, we collect necessary information, identify key contacts, and request access to relevant data and systems. We then conduct a kickoff meeting to officially launch the project, ensuring everyone is on the same page and excited to move forward.

  • Gather important information
  • Identify Contacts
  • Request Access and Data
  • Meet and Kickoff Session
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Step 3 - Discover

In the discovery phase, we take a deep dive into your business and systems, review project scope and timelines, assemble a dedicated team, and establish regular communication schedules. This stage is about gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business and setting clear expectations for the journey ahead.

  • Systems & Business Deep Dive
  • Project and Time Frame Review
  • Define and Assemble Team
  • Establish Meeting Cadence
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Step 4 - Review

In the review phase, we carefully assess the proposed project plan, synchronize our teams, challenge existing paradigms, and develop a strategic plan for project execution. We ensure everyone understands and agrees on the strategy, leading to a smoother implementation process.

  • Review Project Plan
  • Synchronize Teams
  • Challenge Paradigms
  • Strategic Planning
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Step 5 - Engage

The engagement phase focuses on transferring knowledge, optimizing systems, implementing proven practices, and fostering user adoption and ownership. We work closely with your team, not only to make improvements but also to ensure they are equipped to sustain these changes long term.

  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Optimize Systems
  • Implement Proven Practices
  • User Adoption and Ownership

Step 6 - Adjust

During the adjustment phase, we check in on project goals, ensure compliance, work to reduce complexity, and leverage data insights to understand the impact of changes. This ongoing fine-tuning ensures that our strategies continue to align with your evolving needs and goals.

  • Goal Check-In
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Reduce Complexity
  • Gain Insight
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Step 7 - Mentor

As mentors, we provide continuous education, perform regular systems analysis, share experiences from similar projects, and track progress. We support your team as they navigate new processes or systems, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

  • Continuous Education
  • Systems Analysis
  • Experience Share
  • Track Progress
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Step 8 - Support

Post-project completion, we offer dedicated consultation, maintain systems, help you maximize your investment, and advocate for continuous improvement. Our commitment doesn't end with the project; we continue to be a source of support and expertise, ensuring your long-term success.

  • Dedicated Consultation
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Maximize Investment
  • Continuous Improvement
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