RMM System Spring Cleaning Project

Ready for a refresh? Join our RMM Spring Cleaning Project today and experience a significant leap in operational efficiency and service delivery excellence.


At Sierra Pacific Group, we understand that effective remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a cornerstone of successful IT operations. That's why we've designed the exclusive RMM Spring Cleaning Project, specifically focusing on your setup and configuration within the ConnectWise Automate system.

Our Spring Cleaning Project is crafted to boost proactiveness, ensuring your team harnesses proven process for device management, alert handling, and data capture. By streamlining and enhancing your RMM system, its monitors, scripts, alerts, automation policies, and associated workflows, we strive to provide transparency, efficiency, and accuracy to your IT management operations.

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What Does The Project Include?

Comprehensive Review: We gain an understanding of your team's current needs and practices.

Project Management: Our expert project management ensures the smooth execution and timely delivery of the RMM Spring Cleaning Project.

Regular Consulting Sessions: We provide recurring consulting sessions as a part of the project, facilitating continuous guidance and support.

In-Depth Analysis of Current RMM System Configurations: We examine existing settings, configurations, and workflows in your RMM system. This includes scrutinizing monitors, scripts, alerts, automation policies, and associated notifications. 

Creation of a Revamped and Optimized Structure: We update workflows and processes within your RMM to meet your team's needs.

A Clear and Actionable Plan: To guide the successful implementation of the new service module structure and processes, avoiding common pitfalls.

Implementation of RMM System Changes: According to the newly developed structure and requirements, we carry out modifications within your ConnectWise Automate system. This includes changes to the system's monitors, scripts, policies, patching settings, and more. 

Auditing of Changes: To ensure all items are correctly entered, mapped, and transferred.

Post-Implementation Testing: To verify the smooth operation of your ConnectWise Automate RMM platform, ensuring seamless integration and synchronization with all related systems and platforms. 

Final Review Session: With your team to confirm the successful implementation of all discussed changes, followed by minor adjustments as required.

Mentoring Sessions: To guide your team in adhering to new processes, policies, and best practices impacted by the changes.

A Comprehensive Final Report: Detailing the changes made, backup data, and information provided.


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RMM System Spring Cleaning Project

Scope of Work 

Phase #1 - Discover

  • Our team will conduct a discovery of your current monitoring and alerting needs and requirements.
  • We conduct a review of your platform and identify areas that may need further review or understanding.
  • Review standard practices and operating procedures to identify what monitoring and alerting the platform should be performed.
  • Identify any special circumstance areas that may require exceptions to the standard or development of additional targeted monitoring/alerting to meet the Client needs.
  • Develop an updated monitoring and alerting scheme that meets client needs, expectations, and proven industry practices.


Phase #2 - Review
  • Provide a clear and concise understanding of the planned changes to the platform.
  • Provide a timeline and expectation of changes to ensure all stakeholders are prepared for any changes to alerting and processes.
  • Conduct a review with client and relevant parties to ensure adoption and sign off on project plan.
  • Finalize any changes or adjustments before implementation.

Phase #3 - Execute

  • Add, change, or remove monitors and sensors with Sierra Pacific Group’s standard monitoring model and custom client requirements.
  • Add, change, or remove alerting model to meet client and monitoring requirements.
  • Add, change, or remove ticket alerting/synchronization with the ConnectWise PSA platform to conform to Sierra Pacific Group’s proven practices.
  • Ensure proper ConnectWise PSA integration configuration for proper ticket board, type, status, and other vital details.


Phase #4 - Adjust

  • Review and test all changes are properly implemented.
  • Conduct a final review with client and relevant parties to ensure all changes discussed have been implemented.
  • Make minor adjustments according to final review.


Phase #5 - Mentor

  • Review newly generated tickets/alerts with relevant parties to ensure proper action is taken by the team.
  • Identify additional areas that may need further development/improvement.
  • Provide information regarding the updated monitoring and alerting implementations.


Additional Details:

Sierra Pacific Group provides consulting and services based on industry, manufacturer recommended, and proven standards. Some recommendations may not be appropriate in all instances and all clients are responsible for disclosing as much information as possible to avoid any potential conflicts, issues, or other areas of concern.

Services do not provide network operation center (NOC) services. Our service does not include incident response, alert monitoring, or remediation services, including, but not limited to, patch failure remediation, agent troubleshooting, or remote computer support. The client remains responsible for all endpoint management, incident response, troubleshooting, repair, remediation, or any other required support services. Sierra Pacific Group will provide guidance, recommendations, and automation (if applicable) when possible and necessary.

This agreement does not include automation changes, scripting, or other auto-remediation solutions not already implemented standard by the platform or created by the Client. Additional service fees may apply for automation needs. Any custom automation solutions provided by Sierra Pacific Group, including PowerShell scripts and/or platform specific automation is tested internally prior to delivery. However, internal testing is limited and may not account for all possible factors that could be negatively impacted by an automation solution. Clients are advised to further test automation solutions before mass deployment and understand and assumes all risk in using automation solutions.

Sierra Pacific Group cannot guarantee that the RMM platform will detect and alert in all circumstances. This can be due to a variety of factors, including unforeseen variables or other deviations from the standard alerting conditions. Additionally, some factors are outside of Sierra Pacific Groups control and are a result of a manufacturer defect, deficiency, or other software code related reasons.

On-site, virtual, or other training services is specifically not included in this agreement. Custom reporting, report modifications, or other data analysis information is not included in this agreement.


Other Exclusions:

  • On-site/in-person services.
  • Emergency RMM platform restoration, rebuild, or migration.
  • 3rd party software support (limited to integration support only).
  • Unofficial or unverified 3rd party plugins.
  • Actions or requests that may violate the EULA of the RMM software solution.
  • Server operating system and database migrations or upgrades.
  • Solutions cannot be guaranteed on any End of Life Operating Systems

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Included: Access to our Proven Processes

We have helped thousands of technology leaders implement tested and proven solutions; "Proven Processes"

Our team has built a "Proven Processes" library, tying together 30+ years of experience with ConnectWise systems and products

ITIL Certified and Certified ConnectWise Partners, we provide access to all of our 'Proven Processes" for up to 2 users

At Sierra Pacific Group, we know that a well-organized and efficient RMM is key to smooth operations, accurate reporting, and overall profitability. That's why we're offering a specialized RMM Spring Cleaning Project to help you streamline your operations, clean up your data, and maximize your ConnectWise Automate RMM's potential.

What will you gain from our RMM Spring Cleaning Project?

Process Optimization: We'll review and refine your processes to improve efficiency, ensuring your team can focus on what they do best.

Data Clean-Up: Our experts will sift through your system, clearing out irrelevant data and tidying up what remains to ensure your decisions are based on reliable, accurate information.

Training and Documentation: We'll ensure that every member of your team knows how to effectively use your optimized ConnectWise Automate RMM and provide clear, concise documentation to guide them.

Profitability Insights: With cleaner data and more streamlined processes, you'll have a clearer view of your profitability on a client-by-client basis.