RMM Virtual Administration - What's Included?

Definition: Our Virtual Administration Service is included with all of our Improvement Projects, and provides unlimited support and administration for a fixed monthly fee (pricing will depend on number of agents). After your Improvement Project is complete, you can elect to continue leveraging our Virtual Administration Services at a discounted membership rate or purchase as a stand alone service.

Goal: This service is designed to support a client’s existing environment and processes, so they can grow and scale with efficiency for the long term.
How To Get Started: To get started with your request, please submit your ticket by emailing our team directly at support@sierrapacificgroup.com, or create a support ticket in your portal.


  • 72-hour response time (during business hours)
  • Ability to work 1:1 with expert consultants
  • 12 Month/Month-to-month terms (stand alone only)
  • Access to our Best Practices Library
  • Proactive monthly meetings

ConnectWise Automate/N-Able N-Central

Services Included in Stand Alone Service

Software Setting and Configuration Maintenance 

  • Recommendations on changes or adjustments for best practices as business grows/changes

Maintaining Monitoring and Alerting

  • Create, modify, remove and adjust computer and device monitoring within the capabilities of the RMM software solution 

  • Create, modify, remove and adjust searches, groups, filters and other methods of identifying and apply services, monitors and features 

  • Develop, test, and implement new monitoring solutions for the business as it grows/changes

  • Provide updated and adjusted best practice and experience-based recommendations on utilizing the RMM software solution, the the business grows/changes

  • Create, modify, remove and adjust alerting methodologies as business grows/changes

Endpoint/Agent Deployment and Management 

  • Assist with endpoint agent deployment solutions and troubleshoot endpoint issues, as needed

  • Adjust and develop new proactive deployment solutions as business grows/changes

Patch/Update Management 

  • Create, modify, remove and adjust Microsoft and supported 3rd Party patch approval policies as needed

  • Create, modify, remove and adjust device reboot policies as needed

  • Adjust and/or maintain overall patching scheme as business grows/changes

  • Ongoing check-ins on Patch Compliance

Plugin/Integration Management 

  • Install, support and maintain official or verified plugins and integrations as needed

  • Ensure proper setup and deployment of plugin/integration as needed

Automation & Script Management 

  • Create, modify, remove and adjust custom automation scripts as needed

  • Maintenance and application deployment solutions via automation as needed

  • Develop, test and implement automation scripts as needed (system prep scripts, custom software installation scripts)

General Technical Support & Consulting 

  • Provide general technical support and recommendations for the RMM software solution as business grows/changes, as requested by client

  • Monthly RMM software solution system updates during monthly check-in calls 

  • Provide important technical, information and advisory notifications as needed via email