We've Got A Plan For You

The sales, service, and operations teams at Sierra Pacific Group have collaborated and prepared some solution options for your IT company.

Hi there!

Sierra Pacific Group is proud to provide your company with assistance from our best-in-class consultants.

We believe that optimizing your systems and the processes your teams use to execute daily work will lead to more efficient performance, increased client satisfaction, and the ability to make informed business decisions.

Helping you get the full benefit from your investment in systems and people is our purpose and main priority. Please review the options below and select the option that aligns with your needs.

- Brittany Mancilla, Sales Executive at Sierra Pacific Group

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OPTION #1 | On-Demand consulting

Purchasing a block of time for "On-Demand Consulting" allows teams to allocate specific time intervals for focused work with subject matter experts on particular tasks or projects. Working with our team in this manner may lead to high quality outputs and faster completion of tasks.

However, of the limitations of Block Time for consulting is the constraint of subject matter expert's availability. Consultants have limited availability for same-week sessions. This can lead to delays in delivering timely consultations and hinder progress on significant tasks that require immediate attention.

Moreover, complex consulting engagements often involve in-depth analysis, research, and collaboration. With block time, this process is usually slow and expensive.

Some things to consider before moving forward with this option:

  • While Block Time offers benefits in terms of focused work and structured time management, it may introduce inflexibility, pressure, limited adaptability, and challenges for collaboration.
  • Certain projects or tasks may require iterative discussions and follow-up meetings, spanning beyond a single session.
  • Block Time, by its nature, may not provide the flexibility needed to address evolving client needs or allow for iterative feedback and refinement processes. 

Agreement SLA
Submit requests to our service board via your customer portal and receive a link to meet in 72 hours or less.


Agreement Cost
All clients are recommended to start off with a 10 hour block, our block-time rate rates is $250/hr.


Agreement Terms
Pre-purchased block time consulting hours expire 12 months from purchase date.

OPTION #2 | Virtual Systems Administration

Our Virtual Admin service offers unlimited requests for administrative, consulting, or support tasks, without the limitation of hourly quotas. It provides a monthly predictable fee for your convenience, and is best for clients who have completed a Systems Improvement Project.

However, if your systems are in good operating order with mature processes, workflows, and policies - you can leverage Virtual Administration to maintain the environment and execute any changes needed as your company grows and changes.

Rather than your team struggling to solve challenges independently, they discover the value of delegating the "figuring it out" aspect to our team. As your trusted systems experts, we are here to address your team's questions, provide guidance, manage administrative tasks, and even arrange consulting sessions if needed. 

Some things to consider before moving forward with this option:

  • This option is ideal for businesses that don't need a full system improvement right now.
  • The advantage of leveraging SPG's Virtual Administrators is their wealth of experience. This means we understand the underlying causes of the symptoms you're experiencing and know precisely how to address them.
  • Whether you need assistance with system configurations, data management, process automation, or other administrative tasks, SPG's Virtual Admins can provide the expertise and dedicated resources.



Agreement SLA
For any size organization, your team is allowed unlimited requests with a 72 hour response time.


Agreement Terms
Virtual Admin agreements have either a term of 12 months or month-to-month. 


Agreement Cost
The total cost for your Virtual Admin agreement will be $1,100/month (m2m plan) or $800/month (12 month plan).

Answers to Your Questions

How does this work for companies looking to acquire multiple businesses in a single year?

Our approach involves stepping in promptly and making improvements to establish a standardized methodology or a "one way of doing things in a single instance". As your business grows and acquires new entities, you can conveniently re-engage with the Sierra Pacific Group (SPG) to facilitate the training of new staff and align them with the established standard procedures.

To achieve this alignment, we offer a variety of service options including a migration project, a block of time, or our virtual admin services. Each option is designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth integration of new staff into your existing processes and maintaining consistency in your operations.

It will be easier to work with ConnectWise directly for consulting and implementing!
You can work directly with the ConnectWise Professional Services Team. However, it's worth noting that their approach typically aligns with an idealistic "perfect world" scenario. Sierra Pacific Group (SPG), on the other hand, offers a more pragmatic approach that is grounded in real-world experiences. Our consultants have an extensive track record of "been there and done that", not merely possessing product expertise. We understand the challenges and nuances of implementing solutions in diverse, dynamic environments.
Do you provide any discounts or financing options?

We offer a variety of discounts for clients who participate in case studies or are part of peer groups. These discounts are our way of appreciating your collaboration and commitment to mutual growth.

Moreover, we understand that budgeting is essential for every business. Therefore, we provide progress billing for all our projects, including a flexible 5-pay option to ease your financial planning.

Please reach out to your sales representative to inquire about the discounts available for you. We're committed to providing you the best possible services in the most budget-friendly manner.

I have one or more admins on staff who are fully dedicated to this work. Can I 'opt out' of the VA add on?

Yes, it's possible to opt out if you have skilled system administrators on your staff. However, before making that decision, it's worth considering the following points:

Having someone who can make changes to the system doesn't necessarily mean you have an expert resource with practical experience who can be held accountable for proactive system maintenance and process adherence.

The advantage of leveraging SPG's virtual administrators is their wealth of experience. This means we understand the underlying causes of the symptoms you're experiencing and know precisely how to address them.

SPG maintains a repository of best practices and proven processes that your team can review and consider. This serves as a valuable resource for establishing your standard operating procedures (SOPs) and offers inspiration for future requests.

In many cases, we find that "system admins" are essentially tier 3 technicians with an additional role. If this is the case, the resource may perform delegated tasks that could have long-term detrimental effects on the business, such as unintentionally removing items from the product library.

By partnering with SPG, you can ensure that your system administration is in the hands of experts who possess the necessary experience, accountability, and proven methodologies to safeguard the integrity and efficiency of your systems. Our dedicated virtual administrators are committed to delivering exceptional service and supporting your business's long-term success.

I purchased the Virtual Admin Services from ConnectWise. Is it the same thing?

SPG offers a distinct service that sets us apart from ConnectWise's VA services. When you choose SPG, you benefit from the expertise of real-world consultants who possess the skills to tailor the system to your unique requirements, leveraging the capabilities of the tool.

While ConnectWise's VA resources are often considered "product specialists," our consultants bring a deeper level of expertise. They have hands-on experience using the tool in an IT business setting, allowing them to provide practical insights and customized solutions.

ConnectWise's VA services primarily offer guidance aligned with the provided documentation. In contrast, SPG goes beyond guidance.

We create custom solutions and specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) to support your business. Additionally, we not only provide guidance on how to execute tasks but also execute them on your behalf, ensuring efficient and effective implementation.

By choosing SPG, you gain access to a team of experienced consultants who can deliver comprehensive execution, support, and consulting services.

We are dedicated to tailoring the system to meet your specific needs, optimizing its functionality, and providing ongoing assistance to drive your business's success.

What is the difference between Block Time and Virtual Admin Services?


When you purchase block time, you are essentially pre-paying for consulting services by the hour with SPG.

Our rates for Block Time start at $200/hr (for a 50+ hour block). To utilize your purchased time, a point of contact (POC) at your company needs to submit a request through our service board.

Once we receive your request, we will assign the most suitable consultant to address your needs and provide their calendar scheduling link. Typically, availability is scheduled 5-7 days in advance.

We will keep you informed about the remaining hours in your block. In the event that you exhaust your pre-purchased hours while our team is working on your request, we will continue to fulfill your needs and bill any overages at $275/hr.


Our Virtual Admin service offers unlimited requests for administrative, consulting, or support tasks, without the limitation of hourly quotas. It provides a monthly predictable fee for your convenience.

As part of this service, you will have access to our Proven Processes Membership site, where your team can explore standard operating procedures (SOPs) and find inspiration for proactive requests. Additionally, you will enjoy priority booking slots and monthly recurring check-in calls to ensure that you are maximizing the value derived from this service.

We offer flexible terms, including both 12-month and month-to-month options, allowing you to select the plan that best suits your company's needs.

To provide peace of mind, our Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to terminate the 12-month agreement within the first 60 days if you feel that you are not receiving sufficient value from the service.